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Marius Repcheys openly speaks about depression: one day I went to the tent


"It all started 20 years ago. Then I described myself as an ideal man. I was engaged in sports, I was very active, I was very active. And it was the cause of the disease, "said Marius, explaining the beginning of bipolar disorder.

According to psychiatrist, psychotherapist Jan Hilbig, bipolar disorder is most commonly seen in young people aged 18-20. Symptoms of the disease: mood and energy abnormalities, tired states, changes in high states, tiredness or apathy. The disease is gradually developing. There are many changes in teenage life, human perfection, adolescence, and many factors have been written down to make it difficult to detect the appearance of the disease. In most cases, a diagnosis is made in the presence of signs of bipolar disorder.

"If you have a high status, everything will look great, the mountains may be exhausted, you have a lot of energy, but after the end of the black period you do not want to do anything, you do not want to live. One day I went to the tent. This is bad for my friends, my friends, and then turned to doctors and found the two-way disturbances, "said the actor.

"As usual, the depression state lasts longer. If the disease is not cured, depression periods will increase. As you grow, the depression cycle may change several times a month. It is a very encouraging person, "said a psychotherapist explaining the specificity of the disease.

Both Marius and his doctor note that the disease is better cured. And, untreated, unfortunately, can be very tragic, as published in a press release.

"Disease is very harmful. One of my students suffered from bipolar disorder … After the depression, he succeeded in committing suicide. " Repchevis.

Marion, who survived the illness, saw the consequences for others, courageously and openly. He notes that talking about mental illness is not as shameful as the other. The actor moved to the book "Dancing with Darkness" in his work, which he believes did not need help anymore.

"I am cured. I do not mind self-restraint because it can not achieve anything. Necessary professional assistance, "says Marius, and encourages you to be attentive to your loved ones – maybe they need your help.

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