Saturday , January 28 2023

Neptune was defeated and fought in Germany


Neptune on 78:93 on Sunday lost to Ryti from Vilnius.

The match in Germany made Neptune very difficult: the guests could not defend their opponents in good opponents and scored 24 points in the first 10 minutes.

K. Makhsvitis was not satisfied with the actions of his pupils. It is a great luck to allow a medical team to collect about 10 points from 13 practices per quarter.

In the second half, Neptune's coach was technically defeated and the team's advantage rose to 15 points (30:15).

Image of Alfred Pliadius / The cats of Maxwitis and Thomas Rinkevichy

Image of Alfred Pliadius / The cats of Maxwitis and Thomas Rinkevichy

Later the guests were tempted, but after British Medi was again dominated by the field and the gap was exceeded by 20 points.

In the remaining time Neptune defeated FIBA ​​in fourth and second in the Champions League.

Medially played a good overall colony, with a total of 47 (72%).

Neptune's basketball players made up 44 percent of the game. achieving the goal (25/57).

The best result was Napa's 21 points (8/12 div), collected by Jerry Grant. True, when he came to the field, the opponents scored 18 points out of Klaipeda.

Medi: A. Tomas 21, H.Martin 19 (9 rev.), D. Brooks and D. 13 years after Stockholm, G.Grovatas 11.

Neptune: J.Grantas 21, T.Delininkaitis 15 (3/4 tr.), G.Masiulis, S.Galdikas and L.Williamsas after 7.

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