Thursday , August 11 2022

Raikan comments: Shanghai fashion show Dolce & Gabbana has been eliminated


Fashion show of the Italian fashion brand in Shanghai Dolce & Gabbana fashion house introduces new video clips and racist Stefano Gabana (Stefano Gabbana), one of the most famous designer floral wreaths.

As the fashion show is approaching, the brand has released three video clips on its Instagram account, "Cooking with Plateau", explaining how to model Italian food with a stick.

The video was forced to introduce a new fashion house's advertising campaign, "D & G China Loves", but critics of this advertisement were criticized on social networks. Many clips are about stereotyped, racist, and disrespectful Asian women.

D & G has deleted messages for 24 hours in China. Fashion Blogger Marya Tranova Stephen Gabana from London asked Instagram video clips, and the 56-year-old fashion designer did not think that they all know the world and eat with Chinese.

Gaban asked for video clips to be removed from the social network of this brand, and Gabana said: "My office is as stupid as the Chinese advantage."

At the end of the conversation, the non-debtor blogger called it the "Chinese foolish mafia." Bloggers placed a copy of their chat screen, and then over 1,200 followers.

Soon, Instagram, a designer and designer, also announced that their designs had been damaged and now they are interested in fashion lawyer. "I like Chinese and Chinese culture. I regret the situation, "said Gabana.

More than 20 Chinese stars, including actresses Zhang Di and Lee Bingbing, said they would not take part in a show that did not take part in the evening. In addition, some Chinese models have denied access to the stage.

One of the fashion bloggers in the social network Weibo, which is considered to be a Chinese musician, said the Chinese Ministry of Culture and Tourism refused to show off Shanghai's horizons.

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