Friday , May 20 2022

Scientists have created a special liquid that can keep solar energy for more than a decade


This problem has long been for solar panels, but this is a very interesting way to keep solar energy.

Swedish scientists have created a special liquid called solar thermal fuel. This fuel says that solar energy can be stored for over ten years.

"Thermal fuels are like a rechargeable battery, but instead of electricity, you get sunshine and heat. And it depends on your needs, "said Geoffrey Grossman, a MIT engineer with NBC News's materials.

This liquid liquid molecule is actually a liquid molecule, which scientists have been working for over a year in Chalmers Technology University (Sweden).

This molecule consists of carbon, hydrogen and nitrogen and, when it is exposed to sunlight, it behaves unusually: the bonds between the atoms are restored and the molecule is converted to isomer.

It's like robbery in the hole, so solar energy is contained in isomers with strong chemical bonds. Even if the molecule cools down to room temperature, the energy stops.

Speaking of energy, at night or in the winter, the fluid migrates to its original state and thus catalytically releases the energy.

"The energy of these isomers can be maintained for up to 18 years," said Kasper Moth-Poulsen, a nanometer researcher at Chalmers University. "When we decided to release the locked energy, we were expecting a higher temperature than we expected."

The prototype of the energy system was installed on the roof of the university building, with the use of new fluids and high optimistic results, the researchers attracted many investors.

A renewable and environmentally friendly new energy device consists of a concave reflector with a centralized hose that shatters sunlight and operates in the form of satellite dishes.

The MOST system works on a closed system. The permissible fluid through the open tubes is warmed from the sun and the norbornadiene molecules in the liquid become isomeric quadricycles that block the heat. Then this fluid is stored at room temperature to reduce energy consumption.

Whenever necessary, the liquid passes through a special catalyst, which returns molecules to their original form, which increases to 63 degrees Celsius. Therefore, it is believed that heat can be used in various building heating systems.

Researchers have repeatedly used the liquid for 125 times, collecting sun-heat, and calming it so it does not detect any harm to the molecules.

"Recently, we've made a lot of important news, and today we have an energy-efficient system that works all year long and does not pollute the environment," says Mot-Pulse.

According to NBC, scientists have made some news stories that keep 250 watts per kilogram of special fluid, which is twice as high as the Tesla Powerwall battery.

But there are still many possibilities for new achievements. Scientists believe that the system can achieve at least 110 degrees of heat with proper manipulation.

"There is still much to do. We just got the job done. Now we have to make sure everything is designed to be optimally designed, "says Mot Poulsen.

If all is planned, Moth-Poulsen believes that this technology can be commercialized for commercial purposes in the next 10 years.

Recent research has been published in the journal Energy & Environmental Science.

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