Tuesday , January 31 2023

The 100th anniversary of the Government took part in the record number of visitors


At the beginning of the 21st century the Government opened the door to the home. On November 10, on the Open Day, more than 1,000 residents and guests of the capital were attracted to this event.

"The 100th anniversary of the Government of the Republic of Lithuania is a holiday that is celebrated all over the world, and it can be celebrated vividly and elegantly. The Open Day was of great interest to us, and it was pleasantly surprising at the same time. This event, uniting a lot of people, is a great example of how we should continue with such initiatives, "said Chancellor Algirdas Stončaitis.

People who come to power from the morning can call the minister "carpet", ask questions correctly, apply, or get answers to other questions.

Lithuanian Customs cynologists presented four-day pet animals that were of great interest to the demonstration program, identified illegal tobacco products, money, and advised dogs. For small visitors and their parents, it is possible to play in the children's room of the Government Office, which teaches you how to walk safely, how to dress and how to dress in the street.

In addition to the government building located at the MoMoLab Mobile Laboratory of the Ministry of Education and Science, the children's researcher has been able to carry out various scientific experiments with the most up-to-date devices.

Tours to the Government House were organized for tourists, who familiarized with the history of the building, architectural features, audited halls and spaces.

Throughout the day, the Ministry of Health was introduced at the fair: The National Health Lab allowed everyone to measure the electromagnetic field produced by the mobile phone and the Ministry of Education encouraged children to introduce Dashu and Dot to their beautiful brothers and to teach them how to manage them. The State Seaplane State Seaplane Virtual Gaming Sunglasses ", The Division for the Disabled asked the blind and other people to identify the material. The Ministry of Economy presented tourism and innovation in the country; the Ministry of Energy called on LNG terminal to virtual reality and acquainted with the Lithuanian energy source.

Given gender equality in Lithuania during the year of Lithuania, gender equality was specifically discussed this year. Experts from the National Defense Ministry called for a special debate on cyber-security. The bold team of the team can lead to brain damage.

The presentation was presented by a film director, documentary (director), and a short film about the first government of a journalist, Roman Boes. The House of Government House consists of the first photo stand for the classroom to be opened on Friday.

The concert of the Jazz Band of the Orchestra of the National Orchestra of National Defense Orchestra "Color Orchestra" of the Special Society "Gubozha" in Lithuania and the 100th anniversary of the Government ended.

The Lithuanian government celebrates its birthday on November 11. In August 1918, Augustine Waldemar founded the first sovereign of Lithuania, and the flag of the Lithuania tricolor was first raised in Vilnius.

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