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The brightest galaxy of the universe has a very dark secret


And what is the secret of such a shine? Astronomy is not yet fully guaranteed, but they are primarily related to the discovery.

Control ALMA telescopic assembly (Atakama Great Millimeter / Submillimeter Array) Allowed W2246-0526 to determine that it absorbs at least three adjacent galaxies – the material works with superhero black holes.

Astronomers observed material yards from neighboring galaxies to W2246-0526. It should be noted that the number of galaxies in the tunnel is already the same.

NASA Photo / Incomplete Cannibalism: The Galaxy W2246-0526 in the center of the nearby C1, C2 and C3

NASA Photo / Incomplete Cannibalism: The Galaxy W2246-0526 in the center of the nearby C1, C2 and C3

"We know from the previous observation that we have three satellite galaxies W2246-0526, but there is no evidence of any interaction between the nucleus and its neighbors. We did not look for signs of criminals, and we were really unwelcome, but ALMA telescopes justify this control, "says Tanoio Diaz Santos from the University of the University of Portalez (University of Diego).

The W2246-0526 galaxy is worth $ 12.4 billion. light years away. Its center is a quasi-black hole, the brightest and most active core of the galaxy that supports active nutrition.

Quasar is one of the most prominent objects in the world: they only show the spectrum of visible light and radio. Balls are distributed from the material around the black hole (so-called acrylic disks).

This drive is rich in gaseous dust and is a great speed – like water turning into the bath tub. Due to this circulation, strong friction occurs due to the large gravitational force of the black hole. And this, in turn, sends out an incomprehensible light.

In W2246-0526, this light is absorbed by the infrared spectrum of infrared radiation already infected with a dusty cloud around the acrylic disk – so this quasar is a rare species, and it's a hot, dusty galaxy (hot, dusty, dark galaxy, or Hot Dog ) – about 3,000 quasars in about 3,000 people.

All the flowing into the galaxy is not necessarily black. Although this central object is very large (nearly 4 billion times heavier than the Sun), its path is not infinite.

Therefore, the material part of the neighboring galaxies remains part of the central galaxy – later this material will be used to form new stars. But it's not simple and easy.

The effect of the black hole is so strong that it passes the flow of gas through the galaxy. The pulse and the energy produced by the photon are so strong that they are removed from the center of the gas – in the end, the entire galaxy may be split into pieces.

In general, the galaxy W2246-0526 is very weak. The light show and turbulent mass movement have never stopped. Recent data also indicate that the galaxy is practically engaged in cannibals in several neighboring galaxies. And scientists have noticed that the most faraway galaxy, scientists are able to fight directly during cannibalism.

But not all. The secret of W2246-0526 still exists for scientists. For example, in the center of the galaxy there is a superhomous black hole true, but in fact it should be much more. The black hole mass determines the upper limit of the nucleus of all active galaxies, but the nucleus is three times lighter than the black hole of this dimension.

Why? Scientists still do not know. But, of course, they try to understand it. And there is time.

"Neighbors need such nutrition for a long time, and we hope these intergalactic attacks will last at least several hundred million years," said Di Diaz Santos

The results of this study are available on this site.

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