Friday , June 18 2021

The court decided to investigate a journalist's complaint against the government

Vilnatus Regional Administrative Court (VAAT) filed a few altercations on Monday regarding the actions of the government's office when a journalist from the Lithuanian journalist and a government cabinet refused to record audio.

A few weeks ago, the suit filed by, news portal, BNS news agency, Lithuanian national radio and television, and Freedom TV reporters.

The court announced on Monday that the government had accepted the complaint, except for complaints that the government had admitted the government's omission on the abolition of the October 3 rally on 3 October.

"The Court concludes that this claim is hypothetical in respect of recognition of facts or circumstances only. y Declaration of Government Declaration of October 3, possibly in the Office. Such independent requirements can not be resolved by the administrative court, "the report said.

This decision can only be appealed within seven days of the receipt of a single dispute.

The rest of the complaint was accepted for trial by the court, but the date of the meeting was not yet established.

Reporters do not expect the court to deny that the government has refused to record and eliminate it, as well as its resumption and its submission to applicants.

At the October 3 meeting of the Government, it is necessary to provide audio record, which amendments to the law on the possibility of free access to registrars' data.

The government claims that the audio recording has been abolished legally.

Some journalists and oppositional governments have unjustifiably restricted journalists' access to information. Prime Minister Saulian Skvernellis said he would follow the usual practice.

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