Wednesday , October 5 2022

The Seamsters decide on the new rules for the alcohol market


Lithuania is strongly recommended to ban strong 22-degree alcohol drinks, glass bottles, glass beads and other containers for direct consumption.

If Seimas accepts this correction, a vodka bowl, similar to a one-piece plastic bag, will be removed from the store shelves.

The Minister of Health has made amendments to Aurelius Veryga Seimas, which will reach 10% in spring 2019. increases the excise tax on ethyl alcohol, which means strong drinks are growing. It will also boost sales of alcohol in small packages.

"Farmers" Asta Kubiliene recommends banning only "children's champagne". In contrast to the government, the Saeima Health Committee recommends that the production or sale of foodstuffs, toys and other baby products intended for alcoholic drinks or their packaging in Lithuania is not possible.

In Seimas, Regular Remigijus Žemaitait also decides not to accept corrections to increase beer or other types of alcohol in plastic containers. Members of the Parliament propose banning strong beer sales of more than 7.5 degrees, bottled drinks and alcoholic cocktails in containers of more than 2 liters, from 7 to 7.5 degrees 0.25 liters, 6.5-7 degrees 0 degrees, 3 liters, 6-6.5 degrees – 0.35 liters, and 6 degrees – 0.5 liters of containers.

Currently in Lithuania there is a ban on trade in bottled beverages and alcoholic drinks in containers of more than 0.5 liters, except plastic beverages, bottles of more than 7.5 degrees, beverages in glass, ceramics, wood or metal containers.

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