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Vilnius "Morning" Spaniards: "He hated the club"


Alberto Blann has seriously suspected of Vilnius's "Ritchie".

The teams from the team teamed up with Rita's assistant Vilnius Mayor's Office to collect data indicating that the support team could hide unpaid data.

"This season the club offered me to work from Spain. I contradict this, but if they say … I could not do anything. But then I discovered that the taxes were not paid to me, "said Blanco, accompanied by police on the part of former police officers.

In a 24-hour open interview with Blanchoma, many "morning" inward currents were identified.

But Vilnius is a club. After consulting with lawyers, Morning answered questions about Blanch's exceptional circumstances.

– Alberto Blanco used to work in the "Breakfast" club: work or personal service?

– The club and Albert Blanc have never been in labor relations, so former club management did not work with him in 2015. Alberto Blanc signed an agreement on professional service and signing of a contract (ie, a scout). There is a standard practice between Lithuanian, European and foreign basketball clubs, and scouts, who are responsible for finding and attracting potential players, provide their services to the basketball clubs and make regular contracts for a certain period of time (for example, for two or one basketball season) and not for employment contracts. Scouts usually do not work in basketball clubs because their services are self-contained – they do not set the exact time of the player's strategy, job planning, basketball clubs, etc. t

Irmental Gelunas / 15 min. Photo by Alberto Blanco

Irmental Gelunas / 15 min. Photo by Alberto Blanco

This professional relationship was also between the club and Alberto Blanco. He planned the final working time independently, was responsible for the player's search strategy and its implementation, did not have any holidays, did not work in club premises, contracted for a certain period of time, services only in the club season. t

The club's relationship with Alberto Blanc was just a little better, with Alberto Blanco brutally violating the terms of the club. Due to confidentiality restrictions, we can not provide specific information, but the essence of this violation involves a clear confusion between the interests of Scout and its client-club. Signing a contract with the club, he decided to serve the club and act in the club's interests within the framework of this agreement. Also, the club has received information from the club that it is possible to hide such activities and contact a foreign club that harms the basketball club.

Having learned about the contractual violation, the club immediately broke off the contractual relationship and scattered its scandal.

As a result of this conflict, Alberto Blanco opened a big slander club against the club. It opposed the club's various violations by providing incredible information to government agencies, including Sodra, STDs, police, and others. Alberto Blanco, currently a club, is forced to hire lawyers who are preparing responses to various authorities for ungrounded allegations.

The club takes into account the harm caused by such acts of Alberto Blanc, and lawyers consider the possibility of appealing against a lawsuit for damages caused by the misuse of the truth.

– Why did not the club announce that in 2015, Blanckas was appointed "Sodra"?

– Because Albert Blanc did not come to administrative agreement. y he did not work at the club "Lietuvos ritto". This fact became clear to all parties. But now Alberto Blanc explains the wrong terms of the contract (personal words), but does not appreciate his content, and gives the wrong information about the proposed rental in the club.

Sigismund Gedwil / Photo 15min / Albert Blanc

Sigismund Gedwil / Photo 15min / Albert Blanc

– In Blanch's opinion, in January 2018, all of the trainer's staff asked us to move from contract to individual work. Was this a request?

– During the audit at the end of 2017, the club has asked some external lawyers to review some of the club's contracts. The lawyers inquired from a preliminary contract that they had a few fundamental errors that did not match the actual relationship between the scout and the club, and asked them to make the contract with minimal corrections. As noted above, Albert Blanc never worked in the club (non-working), so these adjustments did not depend on his qualifications.

Albert's lawyer club in Spain received a staggering letter saying Spain had received social benefits in some way, so he could not afford to lose privileges and could not sign the corrected agreements.

The club found that Alberto Blanc had been forced to pay the Spanish income from Spain through Spanish lawyer, but did not pay social security contributions. Nowadays, Spanish club attorneys try to understand the situation and try to convey it to the competent Spanish authorities.

– Why did Blanco decide to go to work in Spain?

– In the team coach Dainis Adomaitis joined the team and the new trainer did not have Blancos. In the summer, the club offered to terminate the strategic agreement on favorable terms, but Blanco did not agree.

Irmental Gelunas / 15 min. Photo by Alberto Blanco

Irmental Gelunas / 15 min. Photo by Alberto Blanco

By complying with the terms of the agreement, Alberto could not take advantage of his experience in Spain and decided to perform international scouting debates by analyzing an opponent club game looking for potential players in Vilnius's core and youth squads.

– Why in June 2017-2018 A. Blanko was orally appointed sporting director and why did this idea suddenly disappear?

– Blanco has been appointed as the coordinator of the youth program. He then began working with Arvidas Gronskis, a coach at the Junior Euroleague youth qualifying tournament in Kaunas, and later in the Junior National Team Tournament in Belgrade.

However, during the training, his chief coach, A. Glonskis, began a disagreement. As a result, Blanco's plans for the youth system were abolished.

Vidmantas Balkūnas / 15min Photos / Arwydas Gronskis

Vidmantas Balkūnas / 15min Photos / Arwydas Gronskis

Undoubtedly, she did not feel the impact that Blanco did when he urged our young talents to move Lithuanian.

– According to Blancas, this autumn, you ignore your inquiries about STI and Sodra. Why?

– The club announced that after obtaining the request from Alberto Blanc, it would require proper authorization from the tax authorities to access the systems and data. The club was unable to provide the information because the mandate was not received.

– According to A. Blanckas, writing off inconsistencies with the VAT between Vilnius income and the August payment declaration. In total, 41,000 people are explained. difference?

– Information about the club's relevant payments is confidential. It is also associated with a physical person, so he can not disclose the club in accordance with applicable law on personal information protection.

– In the morning does Alberto Blanc pay for salary, business or other commitments since 2015?

– All services are fully payable.

"According to Mr. Blanck, you did just that day on the day he came with the police accompaniment to the club's office. Why?

"All the meetings with the police in the club were amazed at Blanco. We do not understand why he does it, except for the club and Lithuanian basketball. There is nothing to do with paying your salary. We did not know that he was in Lithuania. Regardless of his harsh behavior, and despite the fact that the club's headquarters were accompanied by police, we did the contract.

Vidmantas Balkūnas / 15min Photos / Alberto Blanco

Vidmantas Balkūnas / 15min Photos / Alberto Blanco

– Why did you block Blanka from contacting the players and coaches by entering Morning Arena and assisting him with an assistant and scout duty from Spain?

– In summer, he did not agree with the Vilnius deal with the Rito team and talked about the Lithuanian Lithuanian players on the Lithuanian players' aggression, avoiding possible misunderstandings and conflicts that might affect the work of the team, and did not decide to enter into the team and comply with the contract in Spain.

However, representatives of Blancas do not perform the proposed work. The list of jobs was handed over to him, but in early November, the club refused to accept only the opponents' analysis. He did not do anything else.

– What did we do for the trainer A.Blanko later?

– for breach of contract. We can not disclose the content of breach of our privacy statements.

– Did Dave Goule's club manager have a meeting with SLI, STI, or Sodra? If so, how is the situation in the conflict and how the club's position is evaluated?

"If the authorities are to accept us, we will be glad to come and explain everything.

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