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33 years old: "Paradise City" Guns N & # 39; Roses in Sunway Showbiz


Sunsound Night at Guns N & # 39; s Roses. - Images of the Galaxy Group
Sunsound Night at Guns N & # 39; s Roses. – Images of the Galaxy Group

PETALING JAYA, November 15 – The Legendary Rock & roll group Guns N & # 39; Roses & # 39; The long-awaited first show in Malaysia did not have a good script.

Despite the lack of guitarist Izzi Stradlin and drummer Steve Adler, he performed the biggest hit of the band in the rainy days of November 1990.

Front-of-the-line trio Axl Rose, guitarist Slash, bassist Duff MacKagand joined the new members of the guitar guitarists Richard Foster, the British Frank Ferrer and Melissa Rize, pianist Diizy Reed (a member of the band since 1990).

None of the musical industry could predict this, and the favorite rock-duo of Roses and Slees was amazed by the thousands of people who rained down to modernize the classic era of rock-and-roll.

In "Sunway Lagoon Surf Beach", the tournament "Not in This Life" started with the first album of the 1987 best sales of the band. Appetite to be removed, This is very simple and Mr.Brownstone.

The group gradually slowed down to accomplish the Chinese democracy but welcomed the jungle to give the audience a lot of life, as Rosa had been highly rebuked, and she was defeated in the 1990's.

Slash left the crowd as solo and then the whole show was not great.

The slide affected Malaysia's legendary solo from beginning to end.
The slide affected Malaysia's legendary solo from beginning to end.

During the first half of the three-hour performance, the band also played with funny hits, for example It's twice as good and Live and Let Die.

Split Axl Rose played for 10 minutes with the crowd's emotions and we had our own work.

The energy ballad song Use others II In 1990, he shot a dolphin-protected singer with a $ 4 million ($ 16.8 million) music video.

It's astonishingly surprising that the music was one of the most important moments of the night.

Depending on the amazement of the audience, the band performed Barkhat Revolver lids Slider, Misfits & Attitude, Pink Floyd & # 39; s wish you Were Here, Soundgarden & # 39; s Black hole day and who Seeker.

Slash, McKagan, and Rose folded their finger over their heads because they were torn away Rocket Queen, you can be mine, civil war and Coma.

All three songs have shown the chemistry of the trio and they are happy with each other, sometimes at the concert, with the raw and original Guns N & # 39; Roses productivity.

Sweet Child O Mine The theme of Slash's beautiful father's theme appeared after the solo and was wildly wild.

Unfortunately, for fans, the roses stopped a few songs until they played the piano at the central romance Use Your Illusion I hit, November Rain.

The band was later on the stage Nightbut returned to a surprisingly strong state He is calm, not loud and paradise city.

The Conflict went to the front of the audience and thanked for the honored servants of Malaysia.

After a while, the crowd was silenced for some time because the background was the honor of Marvel's legendary Stan Lee, who died in Los Angeles on Tuesday, in Los Angeles on Tuesday.

Background read: "Peace in the place of peace".

Surprisingly, the 180-minute show was a great way to make Guns N & Roses fans enjoy great entertaining entertainment.

If in doubt, today's show reminds us of who Guns N ° Roses is, their current tour is a proof.

The group will go to Taiwan on November 17 and spend two more days in Hong Kong and Abu Dhabi.

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