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Amazon boasts Metro and its transport infrastructure


Show the pedestrian bridge connecting Crystal City to the Reagan National Airport in George Washington Memorial Park. The bridge was included in a deal with Alexandria, made in Virginia, Arlington, and Amazon. (CC2DCA)

During the decade, the Seattle Industrial Zone has become a shopping mall that is home to's online store headquarters that filling employees with trams and buses, buses, bicycles and private buses.

About 30 percent of passengers are public transit, about fifth, about 15 percent, fleet or van park, and other bicycles, according to surveys conducted on public demand among workers in the suburbs of the South Lake Wharf. One out of five workers in the Amazon goes to work. Amazon employees' transit costs are fully covered by subsidized transfers.

Now, when he is deployed to Crystal City in Arlington, Amazon's second headquarters will be divided into New York City. The question is whether the South Lobby Union's switching achievements are "regime division" in the transit sector – about 2,300 miles off the country.

"I hope that it will repeat, numbers are very good," said Andrew Schlum Hastings, ex-transit and mobility director at the Seattle Transportation Department. "They have made a precedent in Seattle, and this precedent works, so I'm sure it will try to use that logic anywhere you choose."

Amazon's transition to Crystal City or National Landing, as the company is re-branding its hub – it may have a major impact on the transport network in the country's largest transport network and the underground decline.

(Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Amazon Jeffrey P. Bezos has a Washington post.)

Virginia, Arlington, and Alexandria have invested more than half a billion dollars in investment plans to support Amazon's plans – for example, access to the Crystal City subway station and the second entrance to the Potomac Yard station.

There are also plans to expand the transit corridor along the corridor along the pedestrian bridge from Reagan National Airport to Crystal City along with the express bus transit system in the region.

Arlington and Alexandria secured $ 570 million in investments, and Virginia invested $ 195 million in investment; financing will be focused on new projects and existing expansion. The new funding level from the state reaches the Amazon jobs.

Unlike Seattle, voters abandoned the federal subsidized mass transit system that was transferred to Atlanta in 1970, and the Washington area already has a large rail system.

But that is a real balance. As a result of the closure of the subway, traffic violations, including the National Airport, may have occurred in the past week when a part of the network was damaged.

However, the potential of thousands of new riders is a breakthrough for the Washington Metro Transit Facility, which reduces the underground attack by reducing operational revenues, reducing service costs for 600,000 daily routiners and bringing high rates.

"We invite the Amazon HQ2 to the region and are ready for a ride," said Shery Lee, a spokesman for Metro. "One of the main advantages of the Amazon – access to mass transit and closer to Metrorail, the Metroway bus has been a fast transit and local bus service has made Crystal City a top priority."

Experts and transit advocates hope that more than 25,000 employees will be served and their families will be able to accelerate the necessary transport projects and improve the corridor of the Metro Blue and Yellow Line, which serves international airport; subway, bus and suburban rail service; quick transit of the bus; Several main highways feeding the area.

The new 900-foot pedestrian bridge connecting the National Airport with Crystal City is the only one to reach the US's most prestigious airport and set it up as an "aerotopolis" that connects about 10,000 airport passengers a month to Crystal City. Feasibility study released by Crystal City Business Improvement District in February. According to the study, the cost of the project is from $ 16 million to $ 38 million (due to a bridge or tunnel). At the end of last year, Crystal City BID hosted two open-cast bridges for the bridge exploration and found it appropriate to identify federal, state, regional and local sources of funding for the project.

"Amazon is looking for a city and transit-oriented environment, and they have, of course, found themselves in the state of Arlington, the most prosperous, prosperous jurisdiction," says Stuart Schwartz, executive director of the Coalition. Smart growth. "We have the best transit and will direct our jobs to 360 degrees near the core of this region."

Schwartz noted the additional advantage: The choice of Amazon's Crystal City may lead to a new "reverse" route filled with empty passengers – "rush-hour journey" in the opposite direction.

Lawyers are a good choice for the region's choice of reliable transit coverage, and chronic issues of reliability issues provide evidence to include subway riders in other regimes. But there is a risk – avoiding risk, raising subway lines in a system that is not prepared for attackers, or returning to the road, by road or by carriage.

DM Major Buryer (D) from Amazon's Cristal City victory ", but noted the priority for improving the Metro.

"We must continue to invest in the safety, reliability, and capacity of the Metro and seek ways to improve the service at night," said Boucher.

DK Councilor Charles Allen (D-Ward 6) believes that the city's main priority should be infrastructure and transportation planning.

"If 25,000 jobs are over 25,000 vehicles, transportation will not work," says Allen. "Having plenty of opportunities, we have many risks and challenges for investments that require many investment, so we do not affect all the surrounding machines."

Experts believe that new workers and their families will not be guaranteed the choice of the Metropolitan.

"Metro has really become its best lawyer," said Paul Macy, Director of Research and Communication at Mobility Lab at Arlington County Commuter Services. "The subway should be really attractive for itself, allowing them to choose the subway.

In the near future the internal metropolitan area shows the work places near the population and stations as the main driving force of the railway workers' movement. This will cause the Amazon to blow.

"With a 10 per cent population increase per half mile, the number of fishermen will increase from 2.4 per cent to 3.1 per cent," the statement said.

Amazon has been rich in transit for its historic workers, and even in Seattle, 1.5 million dollars have been spent to facilitate the increase in bus frequencies and access to popular city corridors.

"I think it will be a big plus for the metro because we have a lot of people who want to go to the subway," said Jack Evans, chairman of Metro Council. "And the subway, which should be able to deliver."

Although some of the transportation plans contain a few details, besides the news from Arlington's officials, the pedestrian passports say that the pedestrian bridge can lead to a feasibility study.

"A new pedestrian crossing allows travelers to avoid potential road trips or a 5-minute walk to the Metro." "He also uses a number of transport assets in Crystal City, combining them into a multimodal hub, with Amtrak, regional railway rails and a future high-speed rail station. «

David Pekos, Chief of Transportation Safety, said: "About $ 1 billion will be spent to renew and upgrade the national security checkpoints." Amazon expansion.

The agency also said that John F. will affect the airports of Kennedy International and LaGuardia in New York, and have launched their extensive modernization projects.

Lawyers differed with other potential improvements. For example, the arrival of the Schwartz Amazon may lead to the extension of the Metroway bus lanes, with a bus that connects Arlington and Alexandria with a fast transit system, which already has its own right in the most corridor corridors. Smart-growth attorneys strengthen Virginia Railway Express to expand power and expand nearby bicycle connections to new offices and to quickly connect Metroway with other buses for quick transit, such as a recently renovated bus rally at the Richmond highway Fairfax County.

Whether or not the subway will benefit the additional riders, the influence of Amazon's Washington Region potential has been evident.

"The Amazon has had an impetus for Maryland to support special funding," says Evans. "I think Amazon has been a Catalyst for Maryland and some extent in Virginia."

The Maryland office of Larry Hogan (R) has not responded to the clarification on this matter.

DELM MARK, who has been specially funded through the Metro Work Group of the General Assembly. Kourman (D-Montgomery) described the Amazon as "part of the tapestry."

Attorneys living in affordable housing have warned that tens of thousands of high-income employees will be able to remove Arlington near and nearby residents and drive several people to cars and deteriorate the gorge. Also, according to this scenario, some well-paid workers move to the type of car they want. This month, the Seattle Times identified South Lake Oceans as one of the most popular areas in the city for Uber and Lyft.

"Of course, this would be a major factor," says Seattle Glass Hastings. "If people are not able to transit easily, and people can not walk or bicycle, Lufth and Uber are very popular here."

Laurie Arathanius and Fenith Nirapple helped this report.

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