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Botox: Who is the one who uses it, and what are the risks associated with the injection of the deadest known human? – Asean Plus


For people struggling for aging, Botox injection is a long-term risk.

Millions of people worldwide, millions of people around the world, use cosmetic medications, as well as beauty treatments and clinics in Hong Kong, HK 3000 and HK $ 10,000, are thought-provoking for the treatment of wrinkles, and pencils are younger.

Celebrities from Hollywood to Bolivia were known for their use, but most of them recognized it as open. In 2011, Nicolas Kydman acknowledged that he was trying to surface and said that he could not formulate his speech.

Temporary paralysis of the facial muscles is one of several side effects, but according to the 2006 report, drug-related deaths were related to 16 deaths and this week by Zoe Chung Schooner, Hong Kong Bothot.

The 86-year-old plastic surgeon, Franklin Li Wang-pong, was arrested on an incident that was worrying about the danger of treating this popular beauty.

The banker in Upper Hong Kong was named after the death of Botox's injection

What is a botox?

Botulinum toxin or Botox is one of the most commonly known, most destructive substances known to humans. Scientists have estimated that one gram of H can kill more than one million people and that two kilograms can wipe out all humanity.

However, these types A and B, which are commercial and medical. The injection is usually used in cosmetic procedures to reduce the wrinkles and wrinkles around the forehead, eyebrows and eyes. It also serves other medical purposes, such as heavy sweat and active urea treatment.

Plastic surgery specialist Dr Ho Chi-ben said that the injection effect usually lasted for six months.

What is Risk?

According to the Health Department, those who receive Botox injections can develop problems with chewing, swallowing, speaking or breathing. These problems can be an hour, day or week after the injection. The United States Food and Drug Administration has issued a 2009 Safety Review warning that toxin can be "injected into the injection site to determine the effects of botulinum toxin", for example, eye drops or blurred vision.

As Ho said, if some toxins are incorrectly injected into some nerves or blood vessels, there may be other problems, such as blood or bleeding.

Even though the burner can reduce wrinkles, she says she can limit the appearance of the person.

The medical officer answers the questions raised by the Botox doctor's renewal license

Are the side effects side effects common?

Hong Kong wrote the first suspicious case of botulinum toxicity in 2016, which is rare but very serious for botulism. There are 13 such cases. Last year, there were three such cases, and this year there were at least three. In many cases, after getting Botox injections for cosmetic purposes in Hong Kong or China, people have developed symptoms such as swallowing difficulties, numbness and breathlessness. They are injected into the body parts, for example, bulls muscle or surface.

What Should You Know Before Getting Botox Injection?

Botox injections in Hong Kong should only be performed by local doctors. In addition to plastic surgeons, the Hall invited doctors, for example, dermatologist and general practitioners.

If a specialist does not perform a drug injection, there may be concerns about the quality of sanitation and toxin that may be used.

In addition to selecting a suitable person to perform the procedure, health authorities need to understand the procedures, possible risks and complications before injecting.

Despite the death, no attempts at the Hong Kong beauty industry

What are the rules for the treatment of beauty in Hong Kong?

In Hong Kong, there are no specific laws governing beauty treatments. However, in 2012, the woman's illness in treating her death after the treatment of the DR Group beauty chain has prompted the government to consider medical treatment plans.

Until now, the Government has submitted to the Bureau of Private Healthcare, which was adopted by the Legal Council on Sunday. The new rule aims to regulate four types of buildings, in particular hospitals, day-care centers, clinics, and health care facilities. The framework covers licensing schemes and regulatory requirements for these premises. Minister of Health Prof. Sofia Chan Syu Zhe said that high-risk medical procedures will also be regulated here. A separate regulatory framework for medical devices is also provided to Legco at this legislative session.

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