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Countdown to the Pacquiao-Broner title begins


Countdown to the Pacquiao-Broner title begins

Manny Pacquiao-Adrien Broner The World Boxing Association Championship starts on Tuesday (Manila) at the first round of two city press stages in New York City.

Pacquiao, a prominent defender and a bronze, candidate for the first time in Manhattan's Gotham Hall "never sleeps in a city" joint press conference, where he defended the 12 Philippine ring icons for the first time and dropped it out of Lucas Matthysse in July last year.

Manny Pacquiao (right) was shot by American Tim Bradley in a rematch of the WBO World Boxing Tournament. AP FILE PHOTO

Pacquiao and Broner Square on January 19 at Las Vegas at MGM Grand Arena I.

In fact, the honorable three-time "Warrior" of the United States Boxing Writers Association, the Philippines, is the first event in the United States to beat the 147-bet belts of the World Boxing Association and by 2016, the unanimous decision of Jessie Wargas.

The Pacquiao-Matthysse Fight has won eight divisions in the seventh round TKO in the capital of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur. Earlier, the war senator lost Australian Geoff Horn's crown to WBO.

On Wednesday, the main characters and their teams will go to Los Angeles at the second stop of the promotional media tour scheduled at Beverly Hills & Waldorf Astoria.

Asked journalists how he felt the fight in the United States, complaining: "Simepre was delighted with the United States, and I'm looking forward to coming back here. I have not fought in America, I'm not ready to fight again. "

Pacquiao is 40 years old, his wife Ginski, sister Janet, partner Steve Jomallon, and Joe Ramos and his wife Joanne have a short stop in New York on Saturday evening (Manila Sunday in Hong Kong) after they left Manila.

Chief coach Buboi Fernandez, his assistant, his brother Roger, Haplas Fernandez and other smaller delegates landed at Big Air in Manila, Philippines, and then landed at JFK until midnight.

One day after Los Angeles, Pacquiao and the party return to Manila, they come on Friday, but at the time of a lawyer's lawyer's participation in a renewed Senate session on November 15, one month after the month.

Paquia and Fernandez discussed the eight weekly curriculum that started next week. At the session, Pacquiao Metro will set up a camp in Manila, and then his native country will go to Santos.

Several days after his 40th birthday, Pacquiao put his bags and head into Los Angeles.

"January is cold, and I want to learn about the weather," said Pacquiao.

Justin Fortuna takes part in the return to Manila, first of all, the guru, which makes this aspect of Pacquiao win over Matts.

Like Floyd Mayweather and the Broncher, Pacquia is now fighting the wing of Al-Heiman.

On May 2, 2015, when Pacquiao and Mayweer first fought, men started financially for winning runners. Most of the millions of American households have spent about $ 300 million to buy a wallet worth $ 90 per hour. The deal required Maywes to win or lose 60 percent.

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