Wednesday , October 5 2022

Delay after the release of the script from the FNAF director Harry Potter director


Freddie's Harry Potter director is Chris Columbus's starring Scott Cloughton's next five night film. At Cawthon Steam, he vetoed the scenario, so the writers work just in place.

Columbus liked the scenario, for example, Jason Blumhaus, head of the Blumhouse production division (Clear, Halloween, Depart), Cawthon said in his post (through Variety). However, Cawthon was a good idea, so they had something new in the previous project.

"I 'm not responsible for the delay, it' s my fault," Cawthon said.

Writing a good FNAF movie script "has been a real challenge for each one," says Cawthon. It was very difficult, but Cawthon said that he would not interfere with the conversation.

"I decided to find the right thing," he said. "I always stick to what I say: whether it's filmed properly or not being filmed, I will not let the delay be delayed, but with my instincts, interesting and fun, and I think the fan base really wants to see it.

"If it means I should start with more than a dozen times, I think what I have to do … Good thing, in my opinion, every action will improve and improve, so it's the right course, regardless of the delay. «

The future FNAF movie and any other sequel can be found only in the FNAF 1-3 world, not just FNAF-4 or any combinator. Freddie's "Nightmare Games" will not be in the world of cinema, love it, or hate it, and I really felt it was the best part of the story to pay attention to, "says Cawthon.

There is no talk of release date, cast or details for the FNAF movie yet. Players must survive in a terrible version of the game, which is full of animated monsters by Chuck E. Cheese. It is very scary.

The FNAF series began in August 2014 on the PC and was later replaced by iOS. Freddy's five nights at 2, 3, and 4 together with Spinofees Pizzeria Simulator and Sister Place.

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