Wednesday , October 5 2022

Deputies call for a revision of the lion's hunting policy


The Parliamentary Committee on Environmental Protection today released a two-day Colloquium on cows and plants for cattle hunting.

The report presents the views of local provincial and environmental organizations, as well as the views of international organizations against the industry.

The colloquium called Colloquium, "The Lost Harvest for Hunting in South Africa" ​​was opened in August for two days.

The International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), alongside with others, raised concerns about hunting lions, urging the government to stop this practice.

Chairman of the Committee, Philippe Mabelana, said that the environmental departments should begin the policy of law-abiding and legal review of the problem of lions and rope blooms.

«[They must do this] to end this practice. The Environment Minister should report quarterly the implementation of this policy and the legislative review. «

Protection of "South Africa brand"

According to Maple, the committee wants to reconsider the decision to increase the bone trade quota of the annual lion from 800 to 1 500 magic skeletons.

"There was a solution during the Colloquium [and] It was aware of commercial thoughts than science. «

Mapulane said the need for a revision should be revised taking into account a large public opinion against the increase in quotas.

"The position of the Committee is to protect the reputable conservation in South Africa, but mostly the South African brand."

Experts conservatively maintain that about 8,000 African lions are kept on farms and breeding farms in South Africa, but nowadays this figure is about 12,000, taking into account more gastric intoxicants. The South African Predator Association suspects that this figure will increase to 14,000.

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