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"Fantastic Beast 2": Credence is explained by Barebone Twist


"Grindlewald's Crimes" are some of the coolest passions that make some fans happy and delight others.

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It's hard to overestimate the popularity, intensity, and popularity of the Internet Harry Potter franchising. English author JK series of seven books. Rowing has made a massive successful series of eight films, one of the most famous British actors and their young leadership career. And these films and books attract thematic parks all over the world, and now there is a new cinematic franchise Fantasy animals series. But it is Fantasy animals: Grindlewald's crime – The second record that opens this weekend is a horror. Similarly, the characters who chose the film between dark and light Fantasy animals A series of fans may ask the same questions for fans: Do you have enough fans to access these movies, or will they turn you off?

Rowing, who wrote the movie, promised that the five franchisers would bring some cinemas / mythologies that included characters that were not completely fulfilled in the original. Harry Potter novels. There is a new rider (Eddie Redmayne), a well-known and well-known book author Fantasy animals and where to find them, Harry Potter and his friends will be studying at the Hogwarts School of Wizardry and Wizardry. In the second film, taking into account the more initiative, there is a dark master, Heller Grindelwald, who strives to master the master's world, where all the authorities represent the Maggler (spin-offs as "no-majs"). Grindelwald, as his mythology, was once controlled by Elder Wand, who came in the final Harry Potter The novel, which was defeated in 1945, from a small Albus Dumbledore (Jude Lowe).

Depending on your luggage, it may cause or disturb you Grindlewald's crime In 1927, Dumbledore-Grindellwald's face was a long way back. This is a new directing Potter David Yates is a fan-service element instead of history. Some links and surprises may be of special value to you if you understand where they are in the larger mythology. Dumbled gives new information about a safe home in Paris, and needs a hole in the young man's mission to find the mysterious Creole "Bairabon" (Ezra Miller). Finally, Newt and his friends Jake Kovalsky (Dan Fogler) and Tina Goldstein (Catherine Watertown) need a safe home. They are looking for their owner: there is no one except the old Nicolas Flamel. Dark fans admit that Flamel is a major figure Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone, his presence here is mainly used as a joke. (Jacob shook Flamel's hand and the old man won – because you see, he's old enough to be old because he's old.)

Perhaps the biggest event of the fan service is Credence, the first introduced character Fantasy animals the film. As Rowling creates this universe, Credence is, above all, its most important player. Grindallwald is convinced that he is an American master, and still believes in this movie – the masters and magicians who can rule over humanity in such a powerful magic epoch. For good faith, good magicians also believe that it must be destroyed or that its magic will lead to the restoration of wealth. This is a very important question: available Reliability, really? Due to his intense magical power, this guy is not really a casual American orphan. Most of these films are 134 very long minutes, almost every character will talk about Credence's birth stories. Some time ago, Brother Leta Lestrange (Zoe Kravitz), who thought he was dead, was hidden. It is ruming that he dies in the water when the letter shows that he has killed his baby indefinitely. After Grindallwald's assault on the attack of the Ministry of Magic Wizards, he assured a couple of former characters, including Credence. There, he gives the name Credence a genuine name: Aurelius Dumbledore.

Yes, indeed: Albus Dumbledore has another brother who has never been discussed before. (Or, on the contrary, it belongs to Grindelwald Credence, it is possible!) This picture may be of interest to many fans in the crowd who have been asking for a good skill and depth of its characteristics for many years. But it can be accidentally erased Harry Potter all fans will alienate fans who care less about the movie's mythological detritus Potter– on the contrary. But when he scolds Rowing to mislead Grindelwald followers and the current political situation, he runs: a) Depp's performance is magic, and b) it is difficult to make the character of the characters.

First time Harry Potter The book has been released and has begun the imagination of people all over the world, and seven books have become the main part of a seven-year-old school. Understand that it's five Fantasy animals movies, bar Grindlewald's crime Warner Bros feels invaded to make sure it's just cash-in. Some fans will be taken to a new movie and enjoyed another long-term character in Rowling's Wizarding World (such as the horror of a horror snake, Nagini's man-made man). But for those who love everything Harry Potter a series without falling into any potential hero's potential keysFantasy animals Films are hopeless motives.

Fantasy animals: Grindlewald's crime

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