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Galaxy X: Price, specification, has heard about the date of March of the Samsung brand



Samsung switches off its prototype phone.

Angela Ling / CNET

Reconstruction telephone era officially started. Samsung introduced its world the first folder on the phone This week, the device called Galaxy X or Galaxy F has been announced. This is Galaxy S9 or Warning 9 opening. On the contrary, Samsung confused its strength with a short video on the TV and raised the prototype of the executive hands on the stage.

Nevertheless, Samsung has never even unmapped the phone, even from the glass case – the device is very large. This concept is enough for Google's support. In fact, Samsung seems to have the power of the project official Android support all phones that are produced. In addition, Samsung has collected developers in the afternoon session on Wednesday and shared a few details, such as the phone 4.5 and 7.3 inch screen sizes.

A brief look at your thick phone regardless of the walls and information There were more questions than answers. Here's what we know and what's going to happen in the future.

What is the phone call?

Samsung has left this phone unnamed, but says that it is called Galaxy X or Galaxy F. "F" can be "floors" or "flexible". "X" means "optional" or "10" because it has 9 Galaxy S phones, but we want to see the Galaxy S10 in March this year.

What is a blocked phone?

If we follow Samsung's definition, the phone with a wired phone may have a cellular connection (that is, part of the "phone") that looks like a regular phone and looks like a regular phone. Samsung's prototype is similar to the tablet, similar to a screen, but similar to a book Royole's FlexPai, another folding phone has an outboard screen, that is, the "screen" on the outside. No information available.

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Galaxy X Flyer Frequently Asked Questions: Specifications, Release date, Price


Did not ZTE make your phone packed?

Last year, the ZTE Axon M is the first version of a fixed phone that secures two separate phone screens through the central stapler. The Samsung flatbed phone (and Royole's FlexPai) has uneven displays in the middle point. Magnet FlexPai protects the screen in the "closed" position.

We will investigate and apply a variety of new Axon M MFDs for our products. Royol has already taken some of them, for example, on both sides of the screen, able to see the same video clip. ZTE's second-generation phone's (or "bounced") phone may look great.

What is the benefit of a recovery phone?

There are two main advantages. First, the folding phone may be twice as large as your available screen space. For example, the Samsung model has a 4.5-inch display that is used when it is closed. Then opens to an internal 7.3-inch screen. You can say that there are three equivalents on the display.

A larger screen provides an enhanced viewing page, but it also opens different tracks that can be used by the device. For example, Samsung's thick display allows you to be the only passenger in three places. ZTE's Axon M allows one screen to be used on the whole screen, download a separate program on each screen, or show the same program on both screens.

What happens when you open and close your Samsung phone when using the app?

As with Royole FlexPai, this flatbed phone switches the application you're looking at, or turns the screen to "open" in the closed "closed" mode, and vice versa. We noticed that FlexPai was going to take some time, but we could not see how Samsung managed it.

What about Samsung display?

Samsung has made its newest display for Infinity Flex Display. The company had to change the layers that are part of any display (this will illuminate the "screen" you see on your phone). All displays are made of layers, but they are usually not assembled and removed. Infinity Flex displays a new layer that allows Samsung to bend hundreds of thousands of times.

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The Samsung flatbed phone uses one UI


The Infinity Flex display had to operate on any other mobile display. It cuts the thickness of the polarizer layer, which increases the screen readability by 45%.

When is the Samsung flatbed phone sold?

Samsung has announced that it will launch the phone in the coming months. The plane can be launched by 2019, and the last case of March as of release date. We expect Samsung to launch a separate launch event for details. Again, this is simply a simple look.

How much does it cost?

The short answer is that we do not know Samsung has announced it. It's easy to know, though, that this is an expensive device. The Royole FlexPai coded phone manufacturers have a total of $ 1,318 for a device with 6 GB of RAM and 128 GB of internal storage. 8 GB of RAM and 256 GB of RAM, $ 1,469.

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Applications can work in three different ways on the Samsung mobile phone screen.

Jessica Dolcort / CNET

Since Samsung Galaxy Note 9 starts at $ 999 for powerful consumers, it can be assumed that it will start with the most up-to-date old phone at $ 1,500, if not more. We can expect cameras like Samsung (and Royole) to justify the real estate high on the screen. After all, they are thinking of buying a tablet and a phone, and the phone costs only high.

What is the battery life?

Samsung's goal is to extend the life of a cell phone battery, which is extended until it is a modern Galaxy smartphone, "said Giuseppe Park, Samsung's mobile business manager and director. Despite having an active screen to reset the battery. The USA version 9 is an average of 19 hours and 20 minutes Checking CNET video streaming.

Where? available What about a battery?

We are unable to access design details, but the batteries do not bend. Wait for the large battery to be balanced on one side and the other parts. ZTE was a big complaint with Axon M, who thought that the battery had not been balanced with a thick and heavyweight than the other half. Samsung has to be careful about this.


Samsung's new Infinity Flex display is for the first time you're on your phone.

Angela Ling / CNET

How does this picture really look like?

Of course not. Samsung explained that the prototype model was hidden inside the particles. Samsung is not ready for public or competitors – to see the ultimate design.

If we have one format, we will officially put the shape of your phone on the new UI operating system. The company said that the round rectangular facets, which make up the main design motif, should match the edges of its devices. The prototype folding phone has up to 90 degrees and thick covers. We can expect a soft look.

What is a device?

The materials are a big deal because buyers need to spend more on aluminum, ceramics and glass. But FlexPai uses a plastic screen and case to control flexibility and cost control, and ZTE Axon M reduces camera quality and other parts to make it accessible.

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Royole's FlexPai phone is another feature of the phones.

Angela Ling / CNET

Perhaps your coiled phone will have at least one plastic screen. When asked for CNET, the Samsung fleet said developers could capture the display with other material than the external screen's internal screen. Our prediction is that a 4.5-inch screen can be made from Gorilla Glass, and can be made from a 7.3-inch plastic screen.

Samsung did not respond to the clarification request.

How does this work?

In general, just like your regular phone, when you want to use a larger screen space and use a large screen, you open it. Samsung was unable to share hardware and software sharing information.

Does it work on Android?

Yes, but not many. Samsung has announced that it will launch a fixed phone and future phones in a revised version of the so-called Samsung UI software. Samsung creates a beta version of the One UI available this month, but only for Android 9 Pie users. This is a fair decision about the launch of a phone that can be used with the Android Pie.

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What apps on your phone are working?

It's still early, so there's not much information about apps. This is because Samsung announced the device at SDC at its developer conference: Getting the developers to support the phone. Samsung's internal applications, such as SmartThings, will work on the device, and have been the original Flipboard partner for many years.

The biggest benefit is the ability to run three applications at the same time or to use additional features for a particular application – making it easy for developers to build powerful applications that work on the thickest phone. Applies to developers to help keep up with Stylus-compatible applications for Samsung Galaxy Note.

When opening the appliance, does the smaller screen become darker?

At present, Samsung's "turn off" 4.5-inch screen and open your application on a large 7.3 inch internal screen and select the place you left off.

What are Samsung competitors?

Here's a small, but future-looking look. The ZTE Axon M clamp is not a major competitor, and Royole FlexPai, even though it has hit Samsung on a really coated display. But we know the plans for LG and Huawei for work phones. LG says it will launch in 2019 at the CES in early January.

Does Samsung Sell Displays for Other Couples?

On Wednesday, at the SDC panel, the Samsung developer asked to sell its technology to its competitors. Samsung refused to comment on this feature, but Samsung is one of the world's major display panel manufacturers. Later, it sells technology to its competitors for use on their devices.

Is it all true?

A floating phone may seem like a dream, but it's a fantasy. The questions are related to the cost, convenience and convenience of using an inexpensive device.

What happens after the overlay?

"Our novelty pipes come with flattened and stretched displays," Samsung Denison said on Tuesday.

The event was organized by CNET's Tae Bremen.

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