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Harry South calls on Wayne Rooney after making his offer


Wayne Rooney wins the last gate (Mike Etton / PA)
Wayne Rooney wins the last gate (Mike Etton / PA)

Gareth Soungeyt can be seen as an honorable captain who has been discussing for over a year defending Wayne Rooney to join the England team for matches between the United States and Croatia.

Rooney was dismissed from the international match in August 2017, with 119 caps and a record 53 goals, and was transferred to England's last post at the Wembley last and next to the United States on Thursday.

The manager of England in this case does not lose the dress and is described as a debate called "rivalry" with Rooney, which in the foreseeable future will not oppose friendship with Nigeria against the World Cup.

"This debate began 12 months ago and I am very glad to be at the World Cup, but Wayne has never wanted to grab his team at that time," he said. "So he was back again.

"We now have the opportunity to pay for this gift at Wembley, and I still hope for the future, and with the team we chose, I often talked to the players about the dress. short, respectful former players.

"Players think Wayne deserves to be the most respectable part of the game because it has caused a lot of debate, but it's a little way of evaluating what he has given his country.

"We feel that we do not achieve the same success in our country, and then we have a player who is very appreciated, we spend a lot of time justifying justification.

"I hope to work with him and let him admit it's worth it, it's not always possible.

"When we finish all this, whether we can do it again or not, at some point I tried to get closer to different things, and some solutions are somewhat dangerous, and some will not pay for it, and some will not.

Rooney, 33, was captain of England, but retired, the Southgate youth team created a new unit with Gary Keane as a new leader.

Despite rejecting the offer, Roni believes that his long-numbered 10-player footballer, Southgate, will be wearing the captain's signature again, and that the national team's composition is too often ignored by the former players.

"Recently, when he was playing, Jordan Henderson ran, and he ran and ran. "It depends on the situation and he is there, but I have no problem with it.

"The cost of the caps is very difficult, as it is necessary to change, it can take two minutes, and when I changed the entire team in half. To find out some new players, we play a game with Croatia, which is important to us and I want to protect this game as much as possible in the first game.

"The long-term" 66 "seems to have the same feelings as the former players try to do as much as possible.

"If I am an existing player, the treatment of former players is very important because you can see what's going to happen for the future."

Worngate, a 28-year-old heavyweight champion, also called Bournemouth's Callum Wilson, reminiscent of Everton defender Michael Kina and kept Jadon Sancho in Dortmund.

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