Wednesday , June 23 2021

Hotlink publishes Hotlink Rewards, which offers daily reward and special deals


Today, Hotlink has announced the launch of the new Hotlink Rewards Hotlink RED application It consists of various deals, gifts and gifts from McDonald's, Shopee, Tealive, Domino & other partners.

In order to collect these items, the customer must log in to get the points by pressing the button on the daily Hotlink RED access point. Depending on the level of account level, the user will be entitled to purchase a specific number of points. For example, the main silver account will be redeemed with 5 points, and the Gold account will have 10 points.


Partnership brands


New rewards screen in Hotlink RED

To upgrade your account from Silver to Gold, you must collect a total of 60 points in order to earn an Account Gold status. If the user does not want to be satisfied, they can also upgrade to Gold through other methods. When buying Mystery Box, get the opportunity to get free flights to anywhere in the local or southeastern Asia. For more information, visit the Hotlink website and contact if you are looking for such updates.

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