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How Angel Wings Made In Victoria's Hidden Fashion Show


  • The annual Victoria & # 39; s Secret Fashion Show will be held on December 2.
  • The brand recognizes top models, giving them their "wings" as VSFS Angels.
  • These wings run hundreds of hours and work diligently on the designers.

Every year, the most popular models in the world go to Victoria's secret runway for Victoria's Secret Fashion Show. In addition to popular musical instruments, the models are engaged in sporting brand iconic Angel wings. These wings are considered to be a transitional period for many models, which represent the imagination of the runways each year.

The wings we see on the runway will take hours from the special craftsmen teams. One of these craftsmen is a long suit designer, Marian Jose, aka "Killer". Killer has worked with Secret Secret for several years, but his portfolio has projects for Disney, CBS and Broadway shows, including Radio City Rockettes.

Killer has introduced his studio to WhoWhatWear in 2017 to Shanghai VSFS. He explained that the wings were conceptual and that later the group had done it. Each wing can operate from 30 to 400 hours depending on the required volume of work required.

During a conversation with HuffPost, Killer discussed how winged his life would be. They begin as a sketch of artists hired by Victoria's secrets. Then the sketches are sent to Killer and his team, where they are really brought to life. Killer explains how to build them and later approves projects.

Once the designs are approved by the Killer, they are measured according to the model model. This model is the key to the production process because it knows how and how each model is going and is for real angels in the multi-step process.

Killer creates a backpack-like pattern for laying the wings, and this frame sometimes takes up to just * right for more than a week. After the frame construction, artisans use a variety of materials to create a sketch. The front wings have a complicated bead, lace, leather, wire, seat belts, Swarovski crystals (duh!) And feathers. The size of the wings can vary, with the smallest about two pounds per hour and the biggest push of 20!

If the wings are not presented before the demonstration for models, the real angels will not enter the game until the time of the crisis. Before hitting the runway, they have one or two valve wings. Killer allows you to customize some premises depending on the model's dimensions and needs.

It's hard to believe that VSFS's history has many wonderful wings, and that it will improve every year.

These amazing artworks include 12 Angela – Adrianna Lima, Elsa Hosk, Jasmine Tucess, Josephine Skrair, Lais Ribeiro, Martha Hunt, Sarah Sampaio, Rome Syald, Stella Maxwell, Taylor Hill, Behati Priestle and Candice Suanepoel.

This year's exhibition is already on December 2.

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