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Kevin Durant and Drake Green's Warrior Drama explained 7 incidents


Kevin Durant's involvement in the Golden State Warriors seems to have been a disaster for most of the NBA's renowned dynasties. In the last battle of the team, Drammend Grinman brought a suspension to the game for the heartbeat, while the rest of the league reads the chaotic state of the riders running as open books.

As reported to Green, Duck has repeatedly called b **** for the release and has decided not to release her, as the agency's decision is that the team will always be ready for the volcanic shooting.

For many years, it was a small flame, and public debates of Duet and Green have long ago written this scenario.

Here is a brief summary of how we got involved Here The NBA has the most famous, starring assortment of athletes to share the judiciary.

July 4, 2016: In my next section I will infect the virus

Dutanth made a statement about leaving Oklahoma City Players Tribune announcement. Even today, we see mimes. Druhtan folded her hands when she was dressed in an empty white shirt she wanted to shoot in the main picture for the story.

When there is anything in the Warriors franchise, Durant's wife is viral, with the text of the next team, with the logo of another team. When he succeeds in any team competition in any sports, the state.

This joke just joined Durant's team-mates before coming to the ground – a theme that still seems inconvenient for life.

January 7, 2017: Draimmen fights against the 24-point collapse

The first small dispute between Green and Durant came into their service immediately. When he was in the process of losing 24 points to Golden State Grizzlies, he charged the Green Courts.

The mood of the green grew for the contradictory polarity, which a year later was very angry with Durant. Having scored two points in the final seconds of the game, Durant left the clock and entered the three opponents without moving the ball.

It was not a long time, and it was handmade. It was just an initiative.

February 4, 2017: Drummond and the CG will gather again in the square

Green and the KD left only a month, but Dutanta returned to her. The discussion appeared on a rare night when the Daydream field (2 to 10) was bad, and the Warriors lost to the royal Royal Team.

After the game, Draymon tried to tell Snapchat, "Blago-blak-flash".

Golden State of Mind on our Warriors website:

But, in fact, is not big. Drammons is not the first or last line within another team, but Durant is not the first or last time for himself. That's how bad you're playing, and good teams give good results. Talk about their differences. Though clear, air purification.

September 2017: Kevin Durant's Instagram non-flammable accounts were opened

Despite winning the title and wanting to go to Oakland, Durant could use his own Instagram account to return to an anonymous person who returned to his fights.

He said these things:

And it was the center of the NBA's jokes.

She apologized for:

June 9, 2018: David West and Sean Livingston will continue to do something

2017-18 The soldiers' season was a tragedy, but there was no publicity between Dutanta and his team. According to the media, whether the teams belong to Steph Curry or Durant, but there is nothing.

After winning the second-class team, David W. Robert said he was doing something behind the scenes by overcoming the challenges of the Robert Roberts team.

"Steve Kerr is all about us. This year," Livingstone also announced that after ESPN's victory, Mark Spears.

Did West and Livingston pay attention to Dureng-Green's tests?

June 12, 2018: Hobb Bob Meier was inconvenient

Warriors Championship Paralympics will be hosted by Warriors General Manager Bob Myers and Coach Steve Kerr B. Fitzgerald is MK. in front of fans. When Fitzgerald asked for a horror, Dauren asked him if he could sign any contract, such as Steph Kerry.

Reporter: I heard that your next year, Kevin Durant, could make your contract with Steve.

Mayer: There is nothing in this media.

Kerr: An average!

Reporter: Because, I've heard that you have told Stephen that he wants to make any contract.

Mayer: That's different. He has been here since then – days before. He found it.

Reporter: Here is the fusion of soldiers.

Myers apologized for this, but said that there was often no feeling about Durant and his nature. "He's fine," says Mayers, Anthony Slater, "Athletic." "We are laughing about it. There is no hint (nothing is missing) at all. I did not think at that moment (no precaution).

In any case, the humor was the best and worsened.

November 13, 2018: Durant and Dramon have not yet proved their strongest argument

After removing the Curry due to injury, Durant took the platter in the last seconds of the gallop against Green Clipper. When the ball was attacking the bar, the "green" player was pushed forward to the floor and sent the game for a long time.

Durant slammed.

Called "green", Durant is said to be "**** ****" and says he has no transparency for the upcoming vacant agency decision. After the game, he did not speak with the media, and the next day "Green" was stopped and fined.

Dutanta did not say "green" to the media after the men were "greedy" on the next night.

Reporter: Did you and your Google Web site get something from you?

Looped: Nah.

Reporter: Can you see this situation at any time?

Durant: I'm sure. There is a long season ahead.

Reporter: Did he scratch anything last night?

Logan: I keep it at home. Here we do. As far as I know, you are employed for children, but I do not try to give anybody a topic. Well, what happened. We try to play basketball.

Green still has to give a secret answer, but Darant's brother Instagram says:

Where the drama here is, this dusty look may seem smart or it may be a turning point in which the dynasty can be destroyed.

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