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Locker Free Sabah Program Launched | Daily Express Online, Sabah, Malaysia.


The free program Sabah has been launched

Posted: Monday, November 12, 2018

Semporna: The Sabah Government, on Sunday, launched a lighthouse Sabah program, focusing on cleanliness in all parts of the country.

Here is a pioneer area for the implementation of the program, as Prime Minister Dick Chuck Mood Shimphard, led by Simfarry Mohd Shafi, dissatisfied with the purity of the area.

"At present, we can see all land or sea dumps, and are responsible for eliminating the purity of the local population," he said.

"As communities in nature and seaside tourism, societies in Simmorton have to play an important role in stopping their garbage disposal in their villages, including everywhere.

"I want to make Semporna more touristy, not as a dirty area," he said, adding that the level of purity will be distributed to other areas that are not adversely affected by the tourist sector.

He also wanted the Semporna District Council to be restructured and monitored by Blanus Kontong, a district official, as an indicator of his key performance indicators.

In this regard, Mohd Shafi Apdala remains in charge of contracting contractors responsible for all district councils.

"Did the contractors that were formerly appointed by the government deliver the study to the workplaces specified in the contract," he said.

According to him, service in New Malaysia should not be for the benefit of contractors, but for any political organization and to protect the well-being of the people.

"We need to make some changes, including the best in health and education," he told reporters after attending a Semporna hospital on Sunday.

He acknowledged that the Government knew that medicines, such as hospitals, should be taken seriously.

For example, the Semporna Hospital is concerned not only with the lack of experience and medicines, but also with equipment.

"This is one of the reasons why the public health and public health ministries are focused on rural health care and the government's attention to the poor," he said.

Meanwhile, Mogh Shafi's Sabah Water Administration (JANS) restructuring gave a positive result in revenue collection.

Two months later, including the appointment of a new director, the division up to 72 million dollars. "He said, adding that he had collected $ 15 million. Also, with increasing revenue, it will improve water supply.

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