Saturday , October 23 2021

Obesity may cause depression even when there is no health problem


Weight loss and obesity can be depressing even if there are no other health problems Photo: Pixabay

Weight and obesity warn people about new studies that may cause depression if there are no other health problems.

Thanks to a study published in the International Epidemiology Journal, psychological effects on excess weight have led to depression rather than diabetes.

"Our research shows that excess weight can not only increase the risk of chronic illness, such as malignant neoplasms and cardiovascular disease, but also can lead to depression," said Professor of South Australia Elina Hipponen.

For research, researchers have examined data on depression in the UK from the Biobank, which were analyzed in 1938-1971. Compared to a control group of more than 290,000 people who provide medical and genetic information.

Hospital data and self-report were used to determine whether people were depressed.

The team used genetic research to investigate the causes of both conditions.

They used the psychological component of obesity to identify the health problems associated with obesity, and use genes that are associated with high BMI but reduce the risk of such diseases as diabetes.

"These genes are related to depression because they are highly BMI and diabetes-related genes, with overweight, combined with health problems and especially depression in women," said Hippenon.

"Our strong genetic analysis, the psychological effect of obesity can lead to depression, which is essential to helping reduce depression, making it difficult for people to adopt a healthy lifestyle," said Jess Tyrell, an Exeter Medical School in the UK.


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