Tuesday , August 16 2022

People deteriorate in San Francisco due to respiratory mask and lock them with Face ID


bad weather SFEric Risberg / APThe page ID does not work during the page mask.
  • The death toll in North California has reached 84.
  • As a result of the fire, the air quality in the San Francisco Bay area has deteriorated and many people have been forced to clean the respiratory masks.
  • IPhone users in the rich area appear to be visible: The page ID does not work with face masks.

The deadly fires in California's history have had an unexpected impact on the United States – like the sun in New York City, the smoke.

Atmospheric air quality is the new norm for respiratory masks in the San Francisco Bay Area, approximately 180 kilometers south-west of the epicenter of the fire.

The equipment stores in the region are out of mask, while Uber's drivers sell masks for $ 5.

Some Bai districts that use the iPhone X, XS, XR, or the latest iPad Pro find people noticing that their face identity is not working while mask wearing and talking to social networks about them.

The software scans your face to unlock your phone, and, of course, concealing a part of your face makes it more difficult to work effectively.

The Face ID of Apple for the first time annoys iPhone users, and some of them are too slow and burdensome.

Face ID locking is a minor inconvenience. Today, 84 people have been killed in the camp fire, 870 people have been lost, Walmart parking booths serve as an evacuation camp for the burning residents of the new dormitory.

Read more: California survivor Camp Fire describes his escape.

Floods, fires, and other natural disasters are common across the world, and even the smallest part of people's everyday life changes in ways they have never seen before. No part of the iPhone will work in Miami in 2100 – the city will be fully flooded.

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