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Putrajaya has the right to ratify ICDD


The founder of the Islamic Renaissance Front, Ahmed Farouk Musa, says rights groups are trying to exploit ICERD to disrupt the government's secret agenda.

PETALING JAYA: The decision to ratify the International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination (ICERD) considers peace and stability as "very important", says Ahmad Fark Musa, the founder of the Islamic Revival Front.

Academician Farouk, also known for his liberal and progressive views, also said he had come to visit.

"Several weeks ago, the Government told about the ratification of the ICERD among other UN conventions.

"The unexpected departure of the task was expected because the right-wing minority groups, especially Gagasan Kusa 3, are trying to rid themselves of racial hatred and bloodshed by remembering the disorder on May 13th."

In this regard, Faruk Putrajaya said that he had made the right decision on ratification of the ICERD.

"These pseudo-groups are a source of excitement and anxiety over the hidden agenda that has overthrow the government."

Ummon Pagang Rengas deputy Nazri Aziz thanked Prime Minister Dr. Mahathir Mohamad for the decision to endorse the ICERD ratification.

"We know that Mahathir never pushed him. We are glad because ICERD is not needed.

"Ratification of instruments with the intent to eliminate the special rights of Malaysia, Sabah and Sarawak. If the government does not want to abolish these special rights, then there is no need to ratify the ICRPR. "

PAS youth leader Mohammad Khalil called the decision of Abdul Hadi Putrajaya as "victory" for Islam, its agents and the bouquets.

"PAS is only for our religion and our nationality in the fight against ratification.

"This PAKATAN HAARAPAN PAS must be a warning that young people will not be silent on the interests of Islam, the males and the bumis."

Ummon Deputy Chairman Mohammad Hassan believes that the government understands that ICERD has no benefits and that it only raises concerns in the country.

According to him, the government must overcome the advantages and disadvantages of public order and national security.

"Yes, foreigners are proud of us (if they have ratified the ICRC Malaysia), but since 1969 we have not signed the treaty and have no problems."

According to him, if Malaysia had ratified the ICERD but did not implement it, it threatened the boycott of other countries.

City: It was a shame to Mahathir

Lawyer-activist City Kasim, who was convinced that he had openly supported ICERD and opposed the former Federal Constitution, did not like Mahathir.

"It was an international declaration of our country's ratification of the ICERD.

"It's hard to hear. I think that instead of TAS, PAS, and Umno, I need to consult others instead.

"They (PAS and Umno) go to ICERD on their agenda. So, I guess, who was Tunn was wrong. It is uncomfortable for us to be determined to do it in the moon.

"Are we subordinate to Islamists and Ketanan Meleja? Where is our Malaysia Visit?

"Many say that ICERD does not take Malaysia's rights. Tun said he had to ratify international conventions.

"I think it's a little out of this statement.

"I think we should meet Tunning. It should listen to both sides, especially scholars and lawyers. It's a sad day for Malaysia. I am very disappointed, "he said.

Meanwhile, Commissioner for Human Rights in Malaysia (Sukhakam) Gerald Joseph said that the country needs "genuine leaders" who can stand against the fear of political legitimacy in ICERD.

He is the Minister of Foreign Affairs Saifuddin Abdullah, Deputy Prime Minister Wise Mauritius and Vice Minister of Religious Affairs, Mujahid Yusuf Rawa, described as "very few public officials capable of speaking the truth to the authorities".

He recalled that the leaders of the Pakistani Harapan remembered the changes that made Malaysia's major overhaul.

"PH is a new hope that can bring Malaysia to new heights. Nevertheless, Malaysian racism is based on raising the prestige of Malaysia at the international level and promises that have been the foundation of the old government.

"The integrity of the new government depends on the promise of promises. Time leaders are bold and courageous. This makes Malaysia a shame, and as a new government, it's earlier than its mandate.

"In the UN General Assembly, Mahathir promised to ratify the treaties of all the rest of the world," said Gerald, referring to the United Nations Universal Periodic Review of Malaysia. He was part of the Malaysian delegation.

"Incorrect distortion"

According to N. Surendran, a human rights lawyer, ICERD's decision not to ratify is "politically motivated and disapproved by the UMNA and the PAS, as well as the positive ICERD groups.

"The claim that Article 153 should be amended should be absolutely unreasonable and has been repeatedly stated. It does not affect Islam; Most OIC countries have ratified this treaty.

"Unfortunately, the government has taken such an exit if we go back to its previous decision to ratify its decision.

"Governments and governments have failed to show moral leadership when needed.

"Some senior Pennsylvania officials" abandoned the ship "by postponing the signing. This has led to potential capitulation of the government in ICERD.

"We do not ratify this key antiterrorist agreement, put Malaysia in disgrace, at the regional and international levels. Wow, what does that mean about ourselves?

Ryan Chua, head of Pusat Komas, a law enforcement group, said the ICRC had many legends and misfortunes falling for the strong and strong mood of the IKERD dissident government of the Pakistani Harapan government.

"What happened when the promise of the first half of 2019 was consulted by various stakeholders?

Wita Maury also said in Parliament that ICERD did not violate Article 153. So, why is a radical decision taken?

"We were rescued by the Pakistani government, which failed to fulfill the promise of election."

Today, Putrajaya said that ICRD does not ratify the Malaysian groups and political parties that threaten Malaysia's positive policies by an intense opposition.

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