Monday , December 6 2021

Rossi & # 39; s Sepang intensity is "impossible"


Most of Rossi Sepang's competitions were held on Sunday, but Marc Marche's hopes ended in the 1st round and ended in four rounds.

Wilson won the 25th race for Yamaha and won the fourth place in Malaysia, winning the title of Alwaro Bautista in the early stages of Ducatía, the last time he won the Phillip Island.

But even though he did not know Spanish, Russia and Marche could not get enough of it.

"If I can [2]I can take part in the competition, but today it was impossible ", – said Vinales. "The road was slippery, and I even struggled to reach 2 meters.

"Four trains, I did not catch the tires. I destroyed the tires. But I'm happy that we have a consensus.

"I do not think I could drop down to 2 meters today because it was so hot, because I was in close contact with Bautista and other riders because it was hard for me to reach.

"I lost the chance to go to train, but I'm finally glad to be very close to Alex and Johann. I did all I could.

"I was able to do the same, just as I did in the front, in the clean, in Australia. And I'm happy that the bicycle is working well. "

Another "stimulus" for Rossi Yamaha

Vinales, while seeing Rossi's team participating in many competitions in the distance, is another important force for Yamaha's productivity.

"I always saw Valentino at the same distance [ahead of me]"I think we are going really well," Vinales recalls.

"To be honest, I thought that he could win the race today, and he was the same as me [in practice], it always gives a lot more competition.

"Before the start of the competition, I thought Valentino could win, and when I saw him, I thought he could go.

"Anyway, I came close to Yamaha in Phillip Island, where Valentino took [before his crash], it is good to trust them.

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Valentino Rossi, Yamaha Factory Racing

Valentino Rossi, Yamaha Factory Racing

Photo: Gold and kaz / LAT images

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