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Spider-Man's latest DLC company has its own cool ideas


The mystery man is about a man who is behind a simple master, even a mask of Spidiak. The Spider Package – its allies, friends, family members, and supporters of the enemy – is very important. But it does not matter Amazing Spider ManThe DLC tries to see the content, and comes short-lived for those who support the fair star.

The dust war, the second section in the series of new missions Marvel's Spider-Man This week, a dubbing "never sleeping city" was very similar to the previous DLC episode, Calm down.

Adds a few new episodes to the game, more focused on familiar gameplays, and some of the coolest sleigh costumes for Peter. He also focuses on another important figure in the life of Peter – but far more than just super-thief Felixia Hardy (black cat), this is Peter's only friend, Yury Watanabe, in New York State. Also, it is very small to give an idea of ​​any ideas that interest you.

Later Calm down Hummerhage of the Magogian Mobster revived the family crime war, The dust war Yury and the police have a two-day working day, demonstrating how much they are dealing with.

More than a couple of months has passed since the game in New York has stopped for three months due to a major malignant viral epidemic, prison disorder, and Sinky Six, who manages Manhattan. That was all fine, but Maggie? NYPD against the wall!

It is proud of itself as a good policeman, and the most difficult – and The dust war it will continue when it is low. When he tried to bring Hummerhold to him immediately after he had settled in Harlem, he started from the beginning to the end.

Because of Hammerhad's capture and intensification of the city, and the flaming fire of the police, Yuri strives for an indispensable point that he later seeks to find a personal search for a revival of his civilized Spider-Man and his ideals, hoping to get Maggie with him.

While Peter is trying to stop both Hammerhem and Yury, when he sees Yuri, he performs police and police in front of Peter (spoilers: he survives in some way because) This is a comic video; and (b) he got it miraculously thick head).

All this is interesting, but The dust war this is one of its very short and very complicated ways. Hammerxed, now the two DLC sages (even if they are Calm down it is basically invisible) and, probably, one-third has hardly burst.

Its sudden arrival threatens the scene, so it does not let him go to death, and the "Never sleeping town" is unaware of the need for his Doc Ock, but it is difficult to maintain self-control. Yury's lower spiral feels as fast as he or she does, and does not feel it.

He feels like doing a therapeutic treatment for the families of the killed police officers, who shoots all the stages of the Maggia in one or two strokes, blasting, and you, as naturally, as Peter, together with your main character, never had Yuri really you can not see. The dust war.

This is a problem, because there are some easy ways with Yuri's arch The dust war it could have made it even better – because it first appeared in comic books. Introduction Amazing Spider Man In 2009, Yury was a police captain, similar to a game.

But she eventually falls into the trap of Wright, who works outside of the police's jurisdiction, threatening the hidden crime of New York. Several years ago, he worked with Spider-Man several times before the so-called Spiral.

The event led to a new criminal war, which later saw Yuri's "Spider-Man" conflict, where the line was violent – it was interesting, and he was no different. Marvel's Spider-Man figure, negative mr.

There are clear parallels for what Marvel's Spider-Man Yuri's ancestor tries to develop her comic books. It was The dust war Otto would have been some spectacular symmetry that reflected the main idea of ​​Ottomanism – and for that reason he was the Spider-Man for the first time that should not allow people to spend Peter's closest and most precious people.

But it is The dust war too short, too short, and Peter should give Yuri a time to sell his arc as his lens.

The only person who is ready to work with Spider-Man is the murderer who feels the tone of the tone, and most importantly, in the third and final chapter, "Never Will Never Want to". Sleep "does not collect Yury's story threads The dust war They did not get anything left behind by Felix's arch Calm down.

Maximum number Marvel's Spider-Man there is great joy in distracting things from well-known comic books for decades, it's familiar, as it seems The dust war it was far more satisfying than spending time with the pages.

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