Saturday , January 28 2023

Stored pills: PKR wants to clarify the Zuraida election commission


SIBU: PKR's Wanita chief Zurüde Kamaruddin wants the party's Central Electoral Committee chairman, Rashid Din, to show off the broken tablets in the e-voting process of the party's Julau subdivision.

In his opinion, this suspicion will cease all accusations and accusations against the suspended unit after the application has been filed.

"Open who has downloaded Prey and who has accessed the tablets for this purpose. All this is on the Log Files tab.

Selangor also has a questionnaire for the Kuala Selangor division.

The department had to vote on October 28, but due to technical shocks, it had to postpone voting.

Kuala Selangor PKR has 17,737 voters.

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