Friday , January 27 2023

The pressure on the girls is "worse than ever" for the perfect body: Orbach Life, health


Feminists of the 1970s, psychoanalyst and best-selling author, Susie Orbakh, believe that girls and young women have never been more pressured to reach the perfect body in the world of social pressures. The British writer, who once was a princess Diana's princess, told her that after forty years after her book, The Fatty-Feminist Question, she loved their bodies when trying to fit into the false images sold by online beauty.

The girls had to think about cosmetic surgery until the age of 6, which allowed them to fuel, without endangering the health of many industries.

Orbakh, 72, says: "It is certainly a society that empowers women to concentrate instead of changing the world.

Orbakh told about the midwives since the late 1960s, they began resisting cosmetic beauty and objection to physical fitness.

Reality Television looks like "The Island of Love", where couples and couples have been rewarded with cash prizes and boosts their physical appearance in competitive young minds.

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