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Victoria's Secret Execrites apologizes for having controversial anti-Semitism


On the other day, there is no excuse but the man.

The secrets of Victoria include Ed Razek's announcement on behalf of its Chief Marketing Officer (CMO), Razek's Vogue why the ribbon brand did not produce transitional models in its fashion shows.

Razek initially said that Victoria's secret was not should not be show-transmission models, because they did not agree with the "fantasy" and presented it through the show. Now, Razek says that they never give transitional samples because they do not cut off their genes. Also, the secret of Victoria was "a transgender model."

If you refuse this circular logic, and this statement is in fact no doubt that it is in no way contrary to the idea that the transitional templates are trying to present the "Secret of Victoria" in any way that is not part of the imagination!

Strain it.

Ed Ed Razek, 70, is an exclusive fairy – palooza that is a fashion show by Victoria & # 39; s Secret. In the underwear with decorative wings and Scotch talent, models like Giji Hadid and Kendal Jenner, Victoria's secrets, present this year's ABC show for high, thin, near-close women. The holiday is wonderful!

Razek gave an interview recently Vogue the show, the brand and the underwear market, which include more inclusive and diverse brands such as Rihanna & Fenty. During the interview, Razek has been identified: The secret of Victoria is not a brand for all people, it should not be. It will continue to reach the unique type of Hadith Eskim.

"We sell, we sell, and we are not a market all over the world," Razek said.

To this end, Victoria's secrets were designed to include two-dimensional and transgender models in show programs, but ultimately decided on it. Because the company should remain true to its brand, the "fantasy" it sells, because it's obviously "physically" women, as described by Rizek. And that 's a fantasy plus size or transgender (transcendental, called Razek) does not include women:

Do you have no translators? No. I do not think so. And why not? Show is a fantasy. This is a 42 minute entertainment. That is so.

Today, such invisible truth is rarely covered with thick filaments. Why does the secret of Victoria do not produce Toss or plus sized samples? After all, it is not a sophisticated fantasy sold out. Duh!

Of course, we had to go into explaining the secret of Razek and Victoria. And to do this, the company made a very misleading statement!

My warning about introduction of transgender models in Victoria's hidden shows was sensitive. I'm so sorry. Of course, we did not use the Transgender model for the show. Transgender models come to casting … and many other people who did not do it … But it was not about sex. I respect and respect the journey that I really appreciate who they really are.

Razek says that he and his crew did not produce transitional models because they did not "do it", that is, there were no people who criticized the casting.

O, why you ask? Razek, as he says, is trying to promote the brand's "fantasy" and does not do it! Models did not fit Razek's Victoria's Secret Model. The moon, which is not Victoria's Secret model. It is unrealistic and honest, senseless, to distinguish between truth and truth.

Razek's statement was clear and honest. If he made the "secret" of Victoria, he would produce a "totally" transitional model. However, the concept that is based on a company brand and not based on past actions is that it never makes a cut because it decides what sex is like Razek, part of the imagination. As Razek says earlier, this does not include the women in the trance.

Here's what we do: avoiding the look of men like Razek, the business goals of the corporation solve sex.

If this secrets of Victoria were to produce a transgender model on its offensive landing, it was a "word", even a victory. You can say, yes, you know the "fantasy" that we think is sexual. This is a great deal for many people.

But this relationship is likely to support Victoria's secrets, perhaps reducing the power by reducing its power with rapidly falling sales. Demanding Victoria's secrets to adopt transitional samples means that the company has the power, ability to create and succeed in resolving sexuality. Why do we give them this power?

We know the secret of Victoria; People like Razek are also a dozen similar units put into the runway. This runway is not an arbitrator for sexual intercourse.

When it comes to Richard, who supports Victoria's secrets?

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