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Wayne Rooney finally likes to play football in England Football


Wayne Rooney, as in the past, was opposed to pressure. This is a player who has been trained in leagues in England during a career at the 120th gate on Thursday night. However, the late Cavy's DC United attacker is distinguished by his first visit to the United States in 734 days.

For Rooney, it can be a hit. The chance to recall Turkey's brilliant competitions at the first World Cup competitions or the quarter-finals in Euro 2004 in Portugal. At the age of 33, his body lacked youth energy. In time, beauty would be free and mental. Released.

This might be a great way, because it's easy to agree, when the things were nice. "Perhaps I had a lot of times when I did not like it," he said.

"It gave me the pressure that you did not want to admit when you were in that regime. And now I have refused it and can analyze it, and then I saw it there. This will make you too busy, worrying about you so you can enjoy it as much as you need it. This will affect your performance as you play the best football and set your best scenes when you enjoy playing. I am glad to have it on Thursday.

Rooney returned from the US, including Peter Shilton and Stuart Pierce. They called on Croatia to prepare for preparation for the fight against Croatia for Wayne Rooney Foundation International three days earlier.

I would like to remind you that they welcome the charity balls outside the stadium. The new captain, consisting of two young crew members, was diplomatic when he was thinking of a 12-month event.

Wayne Rooney recommends the newest member of the strike in England, Celsus Wilson.

Wayne Rooney recommends the newest member of the strike in England, Celsus Wilson. Photographer: Eddie Keogh for FA / Rex / Shutterstock

According to him, all of them have the right to express their opinion. "But people do not agree with it," he said. "Many old players, winners of the World Cup, were unable to cure them either. As a country, we have not done anything before. This is the first time. Hopefully, in 10 or 15 years, we are here for someone like Harry Kane, and I hope he can go and achieve a maximum record. The FFA seeks to move players affected by their country in different ways. "

In November 2016, after winning the 119th gate in winning Scotland, he spent the wedding tour and recalled that Garet Soungert "re-elected" after the incident.

"Also, if I participate in this game, [125-cap] I would never participate in the game if I did not write Peter Shield. I would never have done this. But the game does not affect players' records or does not affect this aspect of Peter Shield, so we felt that it was a good opportunity to say thank you to our fans, and also to collect money for the needy children. It made the right decision. "

It's almost a 10-minute hat or a ball, whether it's a leading scorpion in the UK, depending on his career. It was three years after the Davidson contract, no return to the Premier League, and no late-night conditions for Croatia to participate in the Sunday Fight.

Southgate Runi will be able to learn about farewell. At any stage to the United States Rooney, he can speak to the team or at least to their young contingent.

Although she decided to retire internationally at least 15 months ago, she was welcomed with open arms by the manager who wanted to engage with the youth, effectively reducing her career.

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Former forward Manchester United and Everton striker Southgate says "scared". "Most of the other managers did not allow themselves to express themselves and influence the team, but Gareth gained confidence in their ability to succeed and achieve success in their own country. .

"I think it would be great to go to the World Championship, but not in Russia, but in the next (2022). They have proved that to me. These players look easy in each other's company. I was playing six men, but there were a few people who brought individual players, who brought many people through groups and gained confidence in them … he deserves more loans.

"But my time has come and gone. Some good games, some bad games. This is my English career history. I've scored a record goal and introduced my country 119 times and I'm proud of it. "

Four of these children are the youngest of Cassie, and his father watches for the first time in England's t-shirt. There is really no pressure.

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