Wednesday , December 8 2021

Winless Bottas is hoping for Abu Dhabi


Valterie Bottas hopes to win a year in Abu Dhabi, but 20 of his team have won the Formula 1 title once again, although his last bout remains.

29-year-old Finn has the ultimate chance of avoiding seasonal blanks and rarely gets the title of winner, and next week goes to Yas Marina, which starts in 2018.

"Maybe," Reuters told the Merceric Plant, the fifth time in a row, and at the Fifth Drive Lewis Hamilton plant. Last year, he won the pole three times and won.

"Last year I had a strong vacation, so it is possible.

"Last year the field is coming closer to the past, but the only purpose of my holidays is to be in the pole and win, so I try to do everything.

"It makes the winter break much better."

Hamilton has been forced to live in Abu Dhabi for the second time last year, but has denied his tenth victory, but his title has been defended.

This time he won 10 times in 2018 – his average number in the last five seasons – and again won the title.

Bottas has not been victorious and honest to be able to move to Azerbaijan until now, allowing him to take command orders in Russia in September and allow him to spend after the start of the Hamilton.

He can not win any special victory, nor does he expect even the title winnings.

"He deserves a victory, but he has to go and win it," says Toto Wolf, head of the Mercedes team. "He can do it."

Botas said he was part of the sport and accepted the lack of early June.

"I know that I have it, the last few competitions were tough, and I lost all the good moments," he said.

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