Thursday , September 29 2022

A Nigerian company error changes Google services


A bug in network updates in the Nigerian Internet service has made major changes to Google's main services and disrupted traffic to China and Russia, the Nigerian company said on Tuesday.

Until the MainOne explanation, it was thought that Monday's deliberate deliberate 74-minute computer data. Google's search engine, its cloud storage and business collaboration tools were among the broken down services.

Tao Ashiru, official representative of Master House, said: "Everything was hopeless.

This type of traffic redirects several basic services that make it easy to steal offline and financial. They can also be used to block information by sending data to the black hole on the Internet. China, in particular in the United States, regularly stole Internet traffic.

However, the problem may arise from a human error. Ashiru says the main African Internet provider was on MainOne. Engineers mistakenly sent Google services to China Telecom, where the addresses should be on the local network. In turn, the Chinese company transmitted to Russia's TransTelecom false data about the heaviest internet. Ashiru said that MainOne is unclear why China Telecom did this, as a public company does not allow Google traffic on the network.

Redirecting traffic to China ended in a fatal accident, which hinders access to Google services that have been damaged, said Executive Director of ThousandEyes Network Intelligence Achhen Hendorn Ivan.

The Monday event featured another lesson on countering the "unexpected and destabilizing events" on the Internet. If it has scalable and affordable resources on Google, it can touch any person. «

The so-called IP-address stalking is integrated into the Internet and is intended for cooperation between hostile states rather than competition. Experts believe that there is a solution, but it requires investments from encrypted router to resist the industry.

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