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Alan Pulido: "I'm wearing stripes in Clausura in 2019"; Liga MX


The forward of the Mexican national team Radados gave another signal for C2019.

November 20, 2018

Monterrey –

Alan Pulido she gives more details about her career prospects to Sultana del Norte, but now she The bar, Archive Tigers, as a player, was debuted in the First division and became known in Mexican football.

"I dream of living Chivas, but this part does not belong to me. Let's see what is going on, I have an appointment before the board to see what my future will look like, and I want to assure you that I will dress in stripes. Chivas or The bar"Told Interfax in an interview with Univision Deporting that he suffered a 2-0 defeat against Argentina.

As Average time he announced that he was trying to sign up for the bandidi Pulidi 2018 Openingeven a player went to his home in Monterrey and told his family members to go to the Albiazul team and prepare for his property, but eventually, Gerda.

Now Albiyazul has come back to power and necessity Guadalajara There is money, everything seems to be in that case Alan Pulido up to Monterrey, he will strive to raise his career, and it will be difficult to overcome the fans of the field who will be required at the end of his past tiger.

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