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Amazon dictatorship


"This is a serious complaint that New York is willing to pay $ 3 million taxpayers' money without consulting anyone under the auspices of the Kyumo government. If you do not pay a man $ 3,000,000 to the richest person in that country, what is the essence of obtaining a Senate by a democratic majority working in New York? the planet "Said Ron Kim, a member of the Legislative Assembly of the State of New York

Jeff Bezos Amazon is a wealthiest billion dollar company

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This week, Amazon has released its long-awaited announcement: its second headquarters is HQ2 (its cut-down in English). The selection process has reached more than 200 cities, promising to create about 50,000 high-paid jobs. While the company offered a lot of interesting state subsidies and attractive tax benefits in competition, politicians succeeded in selling the Internet and its founder and CEO, Jeff Bezos, to the richest man in the world. Each local government hopes that the city that will win will start to flourish with the emergence of a prosperous technological hub that increases tax revenues and can compete with silicon valleys. Finally, Amazon announced that the new headquarters will be divided into two smaller places: one in Quincy, New York, and another in Crystal City, Virginia. While details of government grants to Amazon have not been published, it is enough to prove the most dangerous fears of many Amazon critics. good, waste. Another example of corporate prosperity is the wealth of business class taxpayers and their multimillionaires.

New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo and Mayor of New York City Bill De Blaacio told Amazon's headquarters that Ron was a member of the New York State Legislature Assembly and Progressive Democrat, Kim's interview. Democracy is now!: "This is a great protest that New York is willing to pay the $ 3 million taxpayers' money without consulting anyone under the auspices of the Kyumo government. If you do not pay a man $ 3,000,000 to the richest person in that country, what is the essence of obtaining a Senate by a democratic majority working in New York? the planet "A representative of the representative was elected by the Senate for the third time in the last 50 years due to the victory of the Democratic Party of New York in last week's elections. Who optimizes and is considered part of the Democrats part of the Senate and a new composition of the State Assembly, so generous subsidies can be eliminated.

Journal Time According to him, the chief executive officer of Amazon Jeff Bezos spends only $ 9,000 to earn $ 28,000, an average Amazon employee working for a year. Greg LeRoy described the business and government's responsibility for the economic development of working families as a "Good First-Time", long-term "long-term mega-motion action," as an interview with New York and Virginia's Amazon HQ2 headquarters. LeRoy explains in an interview with Democracy! "This is a new model that will pay for doing Amazon. I wanted to be in the financial capital of the world, the political capital of the country and country, so there is no surprise at the chosen place. Again, we strongly subsidize the company to do what we really want to do. "

Mary Bill de Blaacio welcomed Amazon's decision to place the headquarters in Long Island, Queens, "Our community colleges and four-year universities, where we can attend tens of thousands of simple New Yorkers, children attending our state schools, and young people. "Greg LeRoy responded by saying," We know that most of the new project workers in five projects are not New York or Arlington's current residents. [Virginia]. They will be outsiders. It means that many schools will be expanded, infrastructure and public services will be built. " All this is paid by taxpayers, not Amazon.

LeRoy also says: "Over the years, most of the income that covers all revenues comes from cloud computing services, Amazon's online services. It is the largest computer company in the world of online services. Its market share is around 40%. Among the most expensive clients in this area are the Pentagon, CIA and other US federal agencies. Amazon enhances more control over federal procurement networks and state and local procurement networks. People do not realize that the HQ2 headquarters in Crystal City, Virginia, are within a few meters of the Pentagon. «

"Amazon just does not want to focus on the market; "says the weekly article Nation Written by Stacy Mitchell, of the Institute for Local Self-Government. Mitchell says in an interview "Democracy is now!" "Amazon is currently taking Americans to take one of every two dollars online." Also, minimize business. "We're losing two retail outlets for every work we're doing at Amazon. But, instead of looking at Amazon as the dominant player in these markets, I think the way to figure out what this company really is – Amazon will strive to control the important infrastructure that other companies use to reach the market. More than half of the online search platform for online products is now available on the Amazon website. And this means that if you want to get access to your customers, you need to go to the Amazon platform for a retail or sales company. That is, Amazon now controls that business. «

Initially, Jeff Bezos called his company "Cadabra", like the "Abacadabra". However, according to the legend, his lawyer said that he had told him much of the "corpse". The new headquarters of Amazon will open up a magic high-tech era in Queenstown, or if it breaks down small businesses, you can hire the sky and nothing else but the corpse. working class.

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