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Annual growth of online purchases


Thanksgiving and black Friday
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This year's most important commercial event in the US, Thanksgiving and Black Friday, Will take place on November 23. Annually, this is just one day after the Thanksgiving Day and the beginning of seasonal sales to traditional Christmas holidays.

The local economy is significant as the largest trading day of the year, as about 30 percent of annual retail sales Black Friday and Christmas. For some sectors, this situation is about 40 percent less than others, for example jewelry.

According to the National Retail Federation estimates, until now, before the end of November and Christmas procurement, sales in 2018 will increase by 4.1 percent compared to the previous year.

During the Thanksgiving Week Black Friday, The average selling price is 20%. However, even though the same advertising rose by 37% on the Thanksgiving Day, it's straight Black Friday and later on Saturday.

New Trends

Currently, online sales are the most effective and effective way to do this. Due to the use of technology and the Internet, the procurement process has changed.

There is no doubt that the best way to find the benefits for the consumer online sports goods, computers, clothing or video games. Because? As the Thanksgiving Day, Black Friday they are in demand.

In this case, brands use digital transactions to record a 24% discount. Over the last ten years, something has been said. Practically from the Thanksgiving date Cyber ​​Monday, 20% of all online purchases are charged.

The value of our gratitude Black Friday The figures for digital sales in the United States: in 2017 reached $ 2.3 million, an increase of nearly 400 million more compared to last year.

Change online

Shops like Best Buy and Wal-Mart are trying to get buyers Black Friday Enter your stores. Especially because they are convenient for the situation in the retail sector. Even with ecommerce, competing with Amazon, stores offer certain opportunities and benefits through digital stores. About 75% of toys were purchased on last year.

Many stores need to collect all their skills to convince buyers. As a result, new stores are created in retail stores and digital boom is growing.

Sales statistics

The Black Friday The best selling day for shopping. The number of people visiting the brands sales point in 2017 is 4% less than in 2016.

In 2016, 101.7 million people gathered in shops. This is more than 74 million registered in 2015. On Saturday, the largest shopping day, 64 million people went to shops. Only 33 million people bought it on Sunday. Approximately 29 million people are Thanksgiving.

Over the past weekend, 137 million people visited stores Black Friday.

On the other hand, by the Digital Sales Department, the purchase in 2017 online Adobe Systems Inc. according to the company, increased by 18%. The most important thing is that the volume of sales grows. Last year, they reached a record $ 7.9 billion, and the presence of mobile devices was important: 40% of these purchases were made on a mobile phone.

Criteo research company has increased by 29% compared with the previous year (2016). So onlineAccording to statistics, thanks to the gratitude exceeds $ 1.8 million Black Friday the new record will cost $ 2.5 million.

Compared to last year's charity was $ 1.5 million a day, and $ 2.3 million Black Friday, growth is a celebrity. Since 2008 the average annual growth rate is 2.5%.

Average values

On average, each customer expects to spend $ 1,007.24. Including $ 637.67 for gifts; $ 215.04 goes to food, jewelry, flowers and greetings cards. They also spend $ 154.53 to use seasonal offers and promotional campaigns.

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