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Carrington confuses cinemas and streams


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A picture of one of the emotional scenes on the movie. Picture: Special

The premiere of the movie in Mexico Rome, Alfonso Cuarón, Netflix, and Mexican distributors. Following this film director, the movie theater criticized his film's presence in the country.

"I would like to see more shows in Mexico, there are rooms we have, unfortunately, 40. To live in the future, Poland will be shown in 57 theaters and 50 in South Korea. Rome There are all the rooms they want to see, "said two Oscar.

Graphics: Cause in Mexico

Commercial theaters will not screen the world premiere of Netflix on December 14 and will now be featured at independent cinemas in Mexico City, Guadalajara and Monterrey.

For the Director Gravitation, which is the case of the "conflict between the two market models", one of the traditional and one Streaming

Following a Twitter message, he announced that from 6 December, Julio Brahma room at UNAM University Cultural Center has been added to the exhibition.

The Mexican Academy of Arts and Cinematography (AMACC), one of the best projects for the filmmaker's single project, Oscars, presented her with the awards and awards from Mexico next year.

At the present time, Valencia's festival featured Yalita Apricio's excellent performance, won Gold Levon, and was nominated for Best Foreign Cinema nomination in the category "Spirit of Independence" last week. and yesterday he was recognized as a bronze thrower at the Bodoshch International Film Festival.

Ticket sales are still available at movie theaters in the city. There are no online tickets available at National Cineteca, any of the 12 screenshots available. This is the case with the Tonal Movie Theater.

Depending on the request, Netflix has invited Cinépolis and Cinemex to design their own rooms.

"You must understand that these platforms are part of the future; It is important to understand that there are platforms in theaters (cinemas) on platforms with experience in cinema "

Alfonso Cuaron


"We are very excited about launch Rome through their partners across the country at cinemas.

"We would be delighted to be able to share this wonderful movie with Cinépolis and Cinemex audiences. Rome if they decide to show a movie in their halls since November 21, you will be in your power " Matt Brodil, Netflix's Procurement Director, said last Friday that he distributed the distributors. Once, the company did not respond to the call.

The aforementioned was interpreted as a way to suppress exponents Rome in their rooms.

In the same letter, he announced that part of the profit will be used to support the earthquake on September 19, 2017.

MESIC PROJECT. Alfonso Cuaron acknowledged that his film would not reach a commercial list if he had accepted the alliance with Netflix. One of the requirements in the film industry was the fact that the Mexican tape was small in cinemas.

Last year, for example, 463 in the country, only 19.2% of the billboards were national production. According to Belizario Dominguez's Institute, only 90 of Mexico's 407 films were shown in 2016.

  • Data: November 27 Will be presented at Pieza Sostenible's BlackBerry Auditorium. The revenues will be used to restore the houses.
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