Saturday , June 3 2023

"Cinépolis" cinema is the premiere of the "Rome" in its rooms


MEXICO CITY.- The Cinépolis chain, Alfonso Cuarón, says it can not show a new movie, and films that appear in theaters should not be available on other platforms, but Netflix or channels.

According to Forbes, the film It will be available on Netflix since December 14, so Cinépolis asked the platform to postpone the premiere.

"In Cinépolis, we want the Alfonso Cuaron's novel" Roman "to show. We believe that modern cinematography is precious. Unfortunately, "Roma" was sold to Netflix, its business model is still up to date the exhibition was not considered in the room cinema, "the network reported.

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"Films around the world require a time when movies are not available on other platforms or channels. These stages are called windows, "said Alejandro Ramirez, a company heading.

The company announced that its two distributors and exhibitors will work within 90 days of the exhibition window at cinemas.

"From May of this year, we held a conversation with Netflix to show the" Romance "in honor of the traditional exhibition window at theaters. However, the window provided by Netflix, far from general industry experiencehe said.

Therefore, the American company has postponed the production of this film and called for respect for this period. Thus, Cinépolis has shown the film on November 29 at movie theaters in more than 75 cities of the country.

In addition, we offer 50% of the collection Public organizations were donated in connection with domestic work, "he said.

Until now, films have been featured in more than 50 cinemas that give some of their revenue to non-profit organizations.

Two days ago, Cuaron cried out that his movie theater was featured in very small cinemas In Mexico, there were many such screens in Poland and South Korea.

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