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Did your iPhone X screen crash? Apple corrects it for free



The iPhone X screen

Sara Tew / CNET

When iPhone X Last year it became a new era for Apple phones. The company saved the Start button and offered to unlock a new face called Face ID and used a new, more complex screen called OLED. Some of the new screens offered by Apple to iPhone X did not allow the screen to stop or damage the screen, which was a defective part. A note posted on Friday at the Apple Web site said the company could respond to the screen even when it did not affect it.

If something similar to you is here, Apple searches for an authorized agent, contact the Apple Store, or contact the technical teams of your phone. Apple will replace the screen if it meets the requirements of the iPhone X repair program.

As a rule, Apple allows you to determine if you can get a defective item, for example, a number of serial numbers. The company also did not give details about how much iPhone was believed to be, though it had been said that there were no other iPhone models that were part of the repairs program. The company did not respond to CNET's clarification on Friday evening.

This was not the first time Apple had offered a repair program to their phones. In September, the company had a "very small percentage" of the iPhone 8's defective panels, which led to unexpected reset, shutting down the screen, or shutting it off. In February, the company reported that a small percentage of the iPhone 7 had a cell phone connection and said it had a defective part.

In addition, Apple will provide a limited number of 13-inch MacBook Pro models, from June 2017 to June 2018. , Known as SSD.

In this case, Apple says that it can include a serial number of its own computer in order to know if it is compatible with their website. If so, the company encourages users to check their computers because the malfunctioning part may fail and the data may be lost.

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