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Explores the problems of BAPA population dynamics and dissemination of infectious diseases


Mathematical modeling can be used to answer questions related to education, technology and public health. The Multiple Center for Multiple Mathematical and Computational Modeling (CEMMAC) of the WIPO Epidemiology and Ecology Research Network has been developed, which analyzes the population's dynamics and the distribution of infectious diseases and their distribution through vector-like vectors. , chikunгунya, mayaro and yellow fever.

This study investigates the effects of human mobility and metapopulation samples of Aceb Egip and Alboropik (transmitting distributors) sites on mosquitoes and presents new threats indexes; Andes Fraaguelle Collar, Coordinator of the above-mentioned Laboratory of the Faculty of Mathematical Physics (FCFM), said that besides the development of software for identifying, preventing and controlling epidemics spread by these vector transmitters.

"We are committed to identifying areas in the region and taking into account the fact that the region is used to live in specific situations, and we are exploring the area algorithms and dynamically hazardous maps to find areas that are likely to be flammable or predictable or to accept or remove reactive measures. orographic, geographical, temperature, socio-economic, etc. «.

To accomplish this task, researchers have discovered that many of the data from the socio-economic, entomological, epidemiological, ecological, demographic, communication and transportation networks, human mobility and public health censuses can be detected and spread by mathematical models in a particular region of mosquitoes, to predict which territories may be affected.

These models also describe the process of interaction with the distribution of mosquitoes, along with people living in this area, to avoid the disease. This information is provided by INEGI, Ministry of Health, National Center for Disease Control and Disease Control (CENAPRECE), CONAGUA, Ministry of Transport, Mexico-EU Single Frontier Health and Meteorological Service, along with others.

"Muslims can not move independently across different areas because they have a range of 30 meters, but if they push the infected person and attack another city, the other is infected. He sends the virus to the next attacking person who creates a network of infections with a very complex dynamics receive. The dynamics of these scenarios and interaction are mathematical models, "he said.

At the Faculty of Physics and Mathematics of the State University has two Ph.D. Lomonosov together with Moscow Institute of Mathematics According to Steklova, the Russian Academy of Sciences, the dynamics of interaction is the spread of mosquitoes across the country as well as the number of infected people.

These data provide researchers with ideas for implementing their own forecasts, including attacking nurseries with mathematical methods that illustrate how to control such phenomena, such as fumigation, landscaping, biological control, descacharrización (collecting of useless objects in the territories), drinking water supply network development, advocacy campaign, vaccination and other methods, "he said.

Nowadays, the Dandruff studies are based on the development of various master's and doctoral dissertations, as well as the PMPC, and today it has allowed FCFM to prepare and educate post-graduate students at the mathematics faculty to assess international competence.

In these studies, diapause (eg, physiological condition of the egg whiskers commonly encountered in unfavorable and predictable environments, such as extreme temperatures, drought or food shortages) and so on. such aspects as. The periodicity (depending on the environmental state of the entomological parameters) influences the occurrence of the degree of exacerbation.

The Academy used mathematical models developed in eight states of the republic (Baja California, Chiapas, Guerrero, Sonora, Colima, Oaxaca, Sinaloa and Michoacan), where they explored the role of these factors. The Dan and the great coincidences were obtained with historical records of this disease, indicating that Michoacan plays a crucial role in preventing diapasonal phenomena.

In order to avoid accidence, each of these countries has developed three control measures using mathematical models: adult mosquito fumigation for the control of the population, elimination of larvae and descacharrización.

As a result, several chemical control strategies have been obtained that have been modeled to determine the best outreach strategy that takes into account seasonal and diapacity, which is the Ministry of Health and the governments of the respective states.

On the other hand, he noted that he could explore some social issues through mathematical abstraction, such as obesity, incineration, cardiovascular disease, and dependencies such as alcoholism, crime and organized crime. Model problems that can be applied to the study of epidemiological problems and suggestions on its control and management can be forecasted.

CEMMAC includes a WARM advisory board consisting of mathematics, computer science, physics, engineering and electronics specialists, as well as internationally renowned researchers, undergraduates, professors and associated researchers.

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