Saturday , June 25 2022

Guillermo notes the work of Hoyos Atlas


Atlas technician Guillermo Hoyos rescued a few points after receiving the equipment to Lyon, and eleven were worn out after the release of Christian Calderon.

"I divided the game into two. I liked the first half and the second half, as the team looked up and changed the ball at a speed. The team has come to look for him, Leon, he has great players, he is a long-time owner of the tournament. He is pleased with the suggestion he made, but later it becomes blurred, and we can say that we have changed the horizon by removing it. "

As the Calderon had 10 elements for the release of the atlas, the team settled down, the roads were far from each other, and I tried to solve these issues because this was not the only event. cases.

"Leon made a great contribution to the game, and we tried to continue the game, and we are glad to see the team, and we are on the path to evolution of this team."

He remained in the second half despite the fact that Christian Calderon was dismissed.

The technician sees the important growth in his team and his team as he makes it happy, because you see that you pay for your work, which is well deserved, because the championship of the team, which has been abusive, does not diminish your hand.

"We see important personal and collective concepts."

Ricky Álvarez suffered a shock. The technician waits two days, knows how to act and knows exactly when to recover.

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