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Heineken is responsible for Modelo, which adheres to its intellectual property standards


– 19:09 – 08.11

  • Heineken said Mexico had stopped doing this

  • Amstel Ultra has permissions and registrations in accordance with all applicable regulations

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Representatives of the Mexican Institute of Industrial Property (IMPI) have recently confirmed the brewing Amtel Ultra that the Heineken Mexican company has suspended operations within the framework of Topo Modo's unfair competition and said that the company will operate normally because it complies with intellectual property laws.

In the statement, the Dutch brewery stated that the Amstel Ultra brand has all permits and registrations in accordance with the applicable rules, including the intellectual property rules.

"Heineken Mexico once again proves its commitment to its rules and responds promptly to the information required by the relevant body, confirming our commitment to providing high-quality products to our customers," he said.

The day before, Grupo Modelo company IMPI detained Amstel Ultra, a Heineken company of about 125,000 pesos in various municipalities in the state of Nevo León, which was demanded by the Dutch firm for unfair competition.

Grupo Modelo accuses Heineken of releasing Amstel Ultra's identical commercial image similar to Michelob Ultra.

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