Sunday , August 14 2022

In connection with PRI, the mega circulation was opened: at this time, 650 mln


MCCI has found the tour because its shareholders in 7 states are essentially residents of the popular and marginal area in the metropolis of Mexico.

In addition, the text explains that the witnesses mentioned this Alejandro GutiérrezIn 2016, he served as Deputy Secretary General PRI national, it has named companies that can model operations to determine the currency fluctuation.

Sonora used three of the four companies he used Duarte depends on the expected voter turnout.

"For example, the Sonoran Government from the account 012760004481069910 from the BBVA Bancomer account has transferred 7 to 2016 for the 21 million 544 thousand pesos 7505304146 on behalf of Banco Santander, 7 on behalf of the Office of Future Professionals.

There were additional costs for futuros, 5 million 917 thousand a pseudonym describing the publication in two payment orders for consultation purposes through the Sonora Government Environmental Commission.

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