Thursday , September 29 2022

INAI has asked the former governor of Javier Duarte for a public hearing


National Institute of Transparency, Information Access and Personal Data Protection (INAY) has requested the Council Federal judicial system (CJF) is a public release of the ex-Governor of Veracruz, Javier Duarte.

At the regular session of the Ina Plenary Commission Commissioner Blanca Lilia Ibarra Cadena proposed to make changes to the Council and proposed to provide information about organized crime and the procedure for the state examination related to the operation of the illegal resources.

This refers to inquiries made by a justification or alternative decision and which are not subject to refund under the decision of the former governor and the former governor.

For example, he begins to classify the personal data of persons who have not been made public servants and retains the time, manner and place of the investigated facts.

He emphasized that he was charged with wrongdoing in Duvarda as a governor, and it is commonly known that decisions made by the authorities of the Ministry of Justice and the justice authorities are known.

At the presentation of this case, one person submitted to the CJF a publicized audio and video record of 97/2016 criminal proceedings at the Federal Criminal Justice Center, located at the North Courthouse. Mexico City

The compulsory subject stated that information was in violation of the behavior of the information and that information was included in the investigation papers so that it could affect the procedure at its initial stage.

Consequently, it is classified as confidential information complained of by the applicant, as it is regulated by the disciplinary nature of a civil servant during his / her functions, which negatively affected the use of state resources.

In order to resolve this issue, Iberra Cadena checked access to information with the court's owner and the contracting secretary, which allowed the audience to analyze in situ. Javier Duarte de Ochoa.

In this context, "we had the first hearing of the criminal case 97/2016, for six hours," the commissioner explained.

They have been warned of content being classified as confidential, but it is not appropriate to restrict access to video.

According to him, his presentation to the office was published by the Prosecutor General of the Republic (PGR), which states that 97/2016 criminal cases have started against various state excavators, including the former governor of Veracruz.

Given this, broadcasting of audiovisual audiences is of great public interest because it provides social control over the legitimacy of the former governor and the efforts of criminal prosecution and judicial power. the truthfulness of the facts and the responsibility of those responsible for it should be sanctioned.

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