Saturday , June 3 2023

Juan Diaz de la Torre as a SNTE Leader is applying for a license


MEXICO CITY (APR) – Head of the National Union of Education Workers (SNTE) Juan Diaz de la Torre asked for a license for "trade union and education".

Instead, Alfonso Cepeda Salas, who serves as General Secretary.

According to Diaz de la Torre, it was decided to seek a license one day after the former teacher Elba Estor Gordillo. He wrote that he would give the democratization of the president's elected Andres Manuel Lopez Obrordo's trade union. it jumps past the ground to return to life leadership. "

That is just one step to allow the burden of eternal ambition to be tempted.

"I do not want to offend or disqualify, in the new era a great opportunity – to overcome genuine democracy, not depend on any fractions or moral leadership."

For this reason, about six years after SNTE's leadership, he proposed reforming the Union of Teachers and "completing the history of protecting leaders and trade union corporations" to eliminate the president's number.

Last February, re-elected Diaz de la Torre, also the multilingual commission set out the SNTA's mechanisms to introduce direct and secret voting for the election of leaders of all levels. He offered to start a "true comparison".

As the teacher's leader, in his latest report, he acknowledged that during the 47th Extraordinary General Meeting he was experiencing new stages of trouble in the country, he said: "We probably have the opportunity to engage in dialogue with the power groups or the government, industries. "

"An opportunity to respect the inner life of associations and the commitment to stop the history of corporations and leaders of trade unions with the ability to" effectively and effectively consolidate the "freedom, unity and autonomy" by supporting the next government.

He said, "I am ready to take the first steps to contribute to these goals, the so-called fourth transformation."

Elba Esther Gordillo, president of the presidency of André Manuel Lopez Obrardo, yesterday called for the democratization of trade unions, said he would fight for the restoration with the support of SNTE leaders.

Gordillo Morales, who has been leading SNTE for 23 years, says: "We promise the elected president of the president that we have to create new, free, inclusive, secret and common voice-guides for every employee. From April 24, 1989 to February 26, 2013 he was arrested at Toluca airport, charged with tax fraud and money laundering.

Journalist Ciro Gomez, in a video shot three times a day, said "Teacher": "Mexico has changed since it has changed its way of thinking and depicts a farmer and imitated the time. This is not a change in the eighty-year period, but a civil strife, but the organization should not stick to the aspirations of its constituents, and nobody can serve the society, or the state or education or education workers, weak and distressed. "

And in order to achieve the necessary "unity and strength", he assured Lopez Obrard that it would be a good idea for any education personnel to create new, free, inclusive, secret and universal voting.

"The power of SNTE in most of them, none of it is an integral part of history: Before the events in SNTE, my position is the best way to contribute to the new moment. trade union members still need to find the strength to deal with difficulties, the future tests us, none of us can do nothing, we lose track, and we will not serve Mexico, "he said.

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