Wednesday , December 8 2021

Lebron James wins Chamberlain and takes fifth place in NBA Sports


Lebron james He has played one of the best games ever since landing in Los Angeles Lakers, where he broke the notes and allowed the group to win 126-117 year old Portland Trail Blazerz.

Forward has signed two duplicates Collected 44 points and took 10 flex. He also showed nine assistants, three blocks and theft.

King James strengthened his legend because his outstanding productivity enabled him to win 31,419 points, which was mythical Wilt is priced during his entire career and self established himself NBA's fifth-largest historic bomber.

After the match 34-year-old Ahron registered 31,425 points Michael Jordan (32 292), Kobe Bryant (33.643), Carl Malone (36,928) and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (38 387).

Along with the lebron, the turn is brilliant JaVale McGee and escort Brandon Ingram. Both scored 37 points. When they were in Portland, they came to the eye Damian Lillards (31 points and 11 assistants) and the Bosnians Jesuf niliciç (21 points and 14 flexibility).

The seventh time at the Leicester West Conference Eight victories and six losses, such as Sacramento Kings. On the other hand, Trail Blazers continues as the exclusive accompaniment of Golden State Warriors With only 10 victories and only four drops.

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