Tuesday , October 4 2022

Marahua has made Paris Hall


Paris Hilton went to the Carroll Grande Association in Mexico on Saturday, where not only did little Mazahua, but also donated toys and $ 100,000 to ensure the development of nutrition, early stimulation and neurodealysis for 23 children during the year.

Smiling Smoker lived with children from the Un Kilo de Ayuda Foundation, who enjoyed the toys he had given them.

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During his visit to the community, the actress and businessman were nominated as the Ambassador on behalf of the Fund "Un Kilo de Ayuda".

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"Whenever I come to Mexico, it's important to return something important, so I work with a large number of children's funds, and recently I went to the hospital, orphanage, and then helping Killo and the wonderful things they did, so I wanted to organize my schedule with my kids."

The Socialist Party sees 19S victims this Sunday at Xochimilco as they want to see how homes are built and how successes can go.

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