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Moreno is pushing for reforms to prevent bankruptcy by banks


November 18, 2018

Ricardo Montreal 3 announced the initiative to amend the law: Financial Services, Federal Telecommunication and Radio Broadcasting and Defense.


Coordinator of the party stand of the National Revival Movement [Morena] In the Senate, Ricardo Montreal has announced the initiative to prevent bankruptcy of the bank's financial institutions, voting companies and telephone communications services.

The Montreal Initiative offered financial services users to reform federal telecommunication and radio broadcasting and consumer protection laws, as it did indicate that they were not penalized by telephone.

According to the law, this type of company will block people through 20 million registered telephone lines and over 115 million mobile phones. So Morena seeks to eliminate this experience.

"We are close to practicing everyday, various phones, calls, and practice, offering financial products or replacing telecom service providers." The main weight of these experiments is not correctly used. Personal data can be privately owned, "he said.

The offer provides for companies and service providers to ban telephony, text messaging or bulk email, or promote marketing services.

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