Tuesday , June 6 2023

Moreno Valle was appointed PAN Coordinator


MEXICO PERIOD – President of the National Action Party (PAN) Marco Cortez Thursday Rafael Moreno Valle as a new coordinator At the party meeting in the Senate of the Republic, Daniel Zepeda left the vacant post.

According to Exelsor, the new coordinator was elected over time closed sessionJosefina Vasquez Mota, a candidate for presidency, who advised a few minutes before the announcement, with most PAN senators and Marco Cortez joining the political fractions and parties, but with ex-presidents Gustavo Madero and Damian Zepeda.

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"I asked Senator Rafael Moreno Woll to have a clear, strong, strong opposition, a dialogue, a clear, clear opposition and closeness with the Chamber of Deputies; I asked Senator Rafael Moreno Woll to keep the unity of the parliamentary group; I answer that it means being the first opposition force to be in opposition to the coordinator, "he said.

Damian Zepida declined coordination He has been working in the Senate since September 1, when he was president of Marco Cortez, but he remained in office after coordinating the House of Representatives, except for Juan Carlos Romero Hicks. for the national president.

Marco Cortez expressed his gratitude to Zepeda for his resignation for the new president to appoint a new Coalition Coordinator.

"He (Zepeda) made a decision a week ago, left a week ago, and I'm really grateful," he said.

Even Marco Cortez avoided talking about senators Rafael did not agree with the appointment of Moreno Valle, because his answer showed that the stand was still united.

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