Tuesday , June 6 2023

Morriski gives great enthusiasm to Mexican fans


No wonder Morrissey fans were offered a national singer at a festive concert. He finished the 59-year-old British concert "Everyday Sunday" and then left the stage. The lower screen is the only one that worked during the show, the end of the show was switched off until the lighting platform lights were flashing.

Spectacular sounds were heard among the spectators as the concert started one and a half hours ago, as the singer did not say goodbye.

Morrisby explained that before Jacky was happy only when she was successful, she went out and dressed her in public and acted as a public announcer at her show.

Also, before singing songs like Everyday It Like Sunday, one of the singers thanked the singer and the audience for Spanish translation. "To every mother. Thank you very much for Mexico, we love you. Here's his Morrissey: "She is home, she is happy. We are all musicians of this house, all of us Mexico, all Morissie. "It's Amor (this is love)," said the singer.

She was a former member of the Smithsonian who had been drifting through the track and emotionally responding to it. Sooner or later, none of the followers tried to do so, but even though the singer tried to help her, she could not reach the stage. After this event, the show has ended.

Morrissey took the stage after 9, 30 minutes after the scheduled time. He spoke in a very good mood called "Williams really did not happen" and even spoke Spanish: "Casa, casa. Love ".

Singer performed such songs as "Faster Now", "Aromatic Life", "Return to Shoan Ordus" or "Pilots Death", which featured a variety of photos of protesters.

Like every scenario it has, there are no meat products in the lobby of the National Auditorium: there are no hamburgers, hot dogs, pizza or sandwiches.

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